Jordan Cashmyer: 16 & Pregnant Star Now Working as Escort

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Jordan Cashmyer's life has taken a sad turn since 16 and Pregnant, and it's not like anyone on that reality show has it easy to start.

According to a shocking new report, things have gone from bad to worse for the reality star ... to a point rarely seen among her peers.

Jordan Cashmyer Selfie

As devoted fans know, Cashmyer gave birth to her daughter Genevieve during her Season 5 episode of the Teen Mom precursor in 2014.

In the past three years, she's fallen on very hard times.

How hard? She is now allegedly working as an escort in Baltimore, according to a group of fans who discovered this and made the connection.

Fans have spotted Cashmyer's escort ads on numerous escorting and massage “therapy” websites (we are not including them in this article).

Jordan gives her name as “Raquel” in most of the ads for her services, but is clearly the individual shown in the accompanying photos.

The giant "Cashmyer" arm tattoo is unmistakable.

Jordan Cashmyer Picture

Even sadder still is the fact that in some of her escort photos, the one-time reality star is showcasing visible bruises and looking very thin. 

How long has this been going on?

On her escort "resume," which is evidently something people in the profession have, Jordan says that she’s been escorting since June.

A search for Cashmyer's phone number produces results on six different escorting-type websites, The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports.

Jordan had previously been working as an exotic dancer at several Baltimore-area gentlemen's clubs, also under the name “Raquel.”

That part is not a secret to fans. Her ex, and the father of her daughter, Derek Taylor, outed her as a stripper a few years ago.

Jordan Cashmyer: Black & White selfie

Call it revenge porn or any other name, but he exposed pics of Jordan stripping and lamented that she doesn't take care of their daughter.

Little Genevieve, 3, has been cared for by Derek, with help from Jordan’s parents, for much if not all of her young life up to this point.

Cashmyer's role has largely been lacking.

Jordan is likely best remembered by fans being “homeless” on her 16 and Pregnant episode and for reportedly attempting suicide in 2014.

In March 2016, Jordan went to rehab after admitting that “heavy drug use” had greatly affected her life over the previous several years.

In July 2016, Cashmyer stated on Facebook that she was off drugs and alcohol after leaving rehab, and that things were looking up.

Cash tweet

Optimistically, she claimed to have severe depression, anxiety and mood swings under control after she had received in-patient care.

Cashmyer wrote to her fans last summer:

“For the first time in a really long time, I am thinking clearly, not using drugs or alcohol and have my depression, anxiety & mood swings pretty under control."

“This is the first time in a really long time."

"I [finally feel] like myself since my senior year, pregnancy and the few months after that before going to work at a [strip] club.”

Jordan's Twitter is active, though she rarely posts her own comments ... one from January 2017 (above) appears to say it all.

We wish her the best.

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