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While it’s all well and good that 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom have reduced the rate of teen pregnancy, they can also exacerbate pre-existing issues. 

One star from the former franchise has been on a downward spiral battling her own demons ever since.

Jordan Cashmyer appeared on season five of the groundbreaking documentary.  She and her then-boyfriend, Derek Taylor got pregnant, and Cashmyer gave birth to a daughter, Genevieve.

Jordan Cashmyer: Black & White selfie
Photo via Twitter/Jordan Cashmyer

Now, TMZ reports, Cashmyer has entered a rehab facility in Baltimore after coming home to her mother’s house so drunk, she fell on the floor and gave herself a concussion.

Cashmyer reportedly realized she had to "get her life together."

The former reality was a stripper for some time in Baltimore.  After wanting to improve her life, she was hired to work at a gym.

It’s believed she was fired from the gym for being drunk on the job.

Back in February, Cashmyer updated fans on her struggles.

“I suffered from very bad post-partum depression. While trying to get this issue under control, I started working at a [strip] club, a place that would completely alter my life in ways I never thought,”Cashmyer wrote in a blog post.

“For the past two years I have struggled with addiction…I practically used my body as a trashcan and would put whatever was given to me in my body.”

At the time, Cashmyer insisted she was sober.

"I have been clean for a little over five weeks and see a substance abuse counselor every other week to prevent relapse,” she wrote. “I have also not set foot in a club since two days after my first first full day of being clean."

Taylor spoke out about Cashmyer, claiming that she never sees their daughter, Genevieve, who lives with him and his family.

“…realistically it makes no difference because Jordan isn’t a mother and she never will be!” Taylor tweeted.

“Not to mention Genevieve doesn’t even know who Jordan is.”