Jessa Duggar Shares Baby Photo of Henry: He's Growing Up Too Fast!

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Five months ... Where does the time go?!

Jessa Duggar asked that time-honored question pondered by all parents in posting a precious five-month photo of her youngest son.

Here's Henry Wilberforce Seewald!

Henry Seewald at 5 Months

Over the weekend, the 24-year-old Counting On star shared a photo collage of how the tiny youngster has grown since his birth.

Jessa, who gave birth to Henry in February, said in the caption that - as all kids tend to do - her baby boy is “Growing up too fast!”

In the pics, H-Wil can be seen wearing a series of white onesies with colorful ties, each designating his age in months at the time.

She also shared some recent pictures of the littlest Seewald hanging out with his father Ben and big brother Spurgeon Elliot, 1.

If you watch Counting On online, you know that going from one kid to two has been a struggle for the young married couple.

A cute struggle ... but still.

H. Wilberforce Seewald

Ben explained in a recent episode, “One adjustment going from one child to two is there are so many diapers and they pile up so fast."

“Things have been a little more busy in the Seewald house, " he added, noting "we gotta take the trash out a lot more often.”

As for how Spurge is coping?

“Spurgeon’s always been a cuddly little boy, but now he has to share mommy’s lap with another baby,” Jessa revealed of her first-born.

“We’re learning to take turns. You know, when baby has to eat, mommy’s going to hold Henry, but you can sit beside me."

"So maybe that’s been an adjustment for him,” she said, but considering his young age, "I think he’s doing pretty well.”

Spurge Seewald

Yes, raising two kids is chaotic

Who knew?! Well, we imagine every Duggar woman knew, even if they won't say so through their permanently-affixed grins.

Ben, on the other hand? Taking out the trash a bit more often probably is noteworthy for someone with limited to no jobs.

Just saying, does he work? Do the Duggars have an unofficial or official rule that women have to do all the child-rearing?

Questions for another day. All kidding aside, Henry's arrival just 15 months after Spurgeon's means it's all hands on deck.

“I kind of expected it to be a challenge going from one to two. I feel like every day is different," Jessa said on Counting On.

Ben Seewald, Sons

"Some days [the routine] is very, very simple," she said, but when it comes to parenting, we know it isn't always that way.

"Other days, it’s a little more chaotic."

Time will tell if they're as serious about adopting a third child as they've claimed, now that they've been married two years.

Arkansas law generally requires parents be married for that long before adopting, which they've long expressed interest in.

In any case, she and sister Jill seem to be gunning for a half-dozen offspring each by the time they hit 30 at this rate.

Jinger Duggar being on birth control may slow her efforts to catch up ... but we imagine Joy-Anna to be a true contender.

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