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First comes love? Then comes marriage? Then comes a baby in a baby carriage?

Not for Nick Pendergrast.

Nick Pendergrast

The Married at First Sight alum, who appeared on the creepy reality series during Season 4, got divorced from Sonia Granados in March after about a year of marriage.

At the time, everything seemed fairly amicable between the ex-reality stars, who said in a joint statement:

“We are sad to share that after almost a year of marriage, we have decided to separate and file for divorce/ Thank you in advance for your love and support through this difficult time!

"We look forward to growing and continuing to learn about ourselves from what we still consider to be a meaningful experience with MAFS.”

(Yes, some people really do abbreviate Married at First Sight as MAFS.)

That was then, however.

Now, it’s about four months later and Pendergrast has news to share:

He’s expecting his first child! With girlfriend Heather Yerrid!

A relationship coach who co-hosted an AfterBuzz TV, Yerrid also publicized the exciting tidbit on Twitter this morning, explaining that she was extra pumped because she didn’t think she was capable of getting pregnant.

"I was told I would not be able to have kids. Needless to say these #twins are a gift from God & we’re elated," wrote Yerrid.

Nick Pendergrast and Heather Yerrid

Oh, right, did we mention Yerrid is having twins?!?

And she’s due in February?!?

Hooray, right?

Yes, if you’re Nick Pendergrast and Heather Yerrid.

Not so much if you’re Sonia Granados.

"Now we ALL know why after buzz was always throwing shade at me #Congrats2theLoveBirds," wrote Nick’s ex-wife today. "Nick and Heather from AfterBuzz are having twins."

With heavy sarcasm, Sonia added the hashtag "#Congrats2theLoveBirds."

Heather Tweet

Still fuming over the development a short while later, Granados added:

"She thought I was wrong about him liking her. #ShadyMcPherson… One thing to say. They deserve each other."

Granados and Pendergrast separated in January.

So the fact that Yerrid is expecting her ex-husband’s child early next year doesn’t necessarily mean she and Nick were carrying on an affair. The math doesn’t add up exactly.

But we can’t blame Granados for being pretty pissed off about the impending baby.

How would you feel if you split from your spouse and found out mere months later than he or she was about to become a parent with his significant other?

Nick Pendergrast Picture

Then again… Granados and Pendergrast did meet on Married at First Sight.

They knew each other for about six seconds prior to exchanging vows. So it’s hard to muster up too much sympathy for Sonia in light of this news.

It’s pretty clear Pendergrast himself isn’t too worried about his ex-wife’s reaction.

He hasn’t replied to her online, but he has acknowledged that he’s been keeping apprised of various reactions on Twitter, most of which have been positive.

"Both @HeatherYerrid and myself appreciate the positivity and support from everyone #twinning," he Tweeted not very long ago.