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Counting On star Jessa Duggar is seen below wearing a variety of clothes that one might not consider conservative.

Why is this a topic that we’re even discussing?

Well, her family’s views of gender roles have always been controversial (Jessa taught seminars on modesty, in fact).

Yet some critical fans noted that for all the talk of the Duggars’ ultra-modest dress code, she doesn’t abide by it.

Not always, anyway. Follow us here.

Many early examples of this phenomenon occurred while she was pregnant, which clearly changes the equation.

By definition, her body is growing and those curves become harder to contain. That’s a given. Lately, though?

She’s throwing us one curveball after another.

Maybe it’s the whole quarantine thing, or perhaps her growing independence from Jim Bob. Either way, wow.

You never would’ve seen Jessa in a low-cut top like this even a few months ago. And that’s not the only example.

Below, we break down some of her more … flattering outfits, along with her recent, surprising fashion choices.

The mother of three has been dressing more provocatively by the week. Ready to watch Jim Bob blow a gasket?