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If you watch Counting On online, you know that the Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are taking her parents’ approach to family planning and seem to be in a race to hit double-digit offspring before they turn 30.

Back in February, Jessa welcomed her second child, a boy named Henry Wilberforce.

Henry’s arrival came just 15 months after the birth of Jessa’s first son, Spurgeon.

Jessa Duggar & Family on Easter Morning
Photo via Instagram

So these days, Jessa and husband Ben Seewald are raising two kids under the age of two – an undertaking that no doubt puts their patience to the test on a daily basis.

Jessa isn’t one to complain (We’re pretty sure Duggar women are trained from a young age to keep perma-grins affixed to their faces at all times.), but in a preview for Monday’s episode of Counting On, the 24-year-old confesses that her situation can be trying at times.

“I kind of expected it to be a challenge going from one to two kids — I feel like every day is different," Jessa says in the clip.

"Some days it’s very, very simple. Other days, it’s a little more chaotic."

We imagine "a little more chaotic" is Jessa’s euphemistic way of saying there are days when she looks at the pile of dirty diapers and wants to rip her hair out by the roots.

Jessa, Ben and Family
Photo via TLC

Things are a bit less hectic on Ben Seewald’s end, as the Duggars’ have basically added an 11th commandment to their Bible that forbids men from lifting a finger around the house.

But being unemployed and under no obligation to assist in the raising of his children didn’t stop Ben from offering his own two cents on life in the Seewald household:

“Since Henry’s birth, things have been a little more busy in the Seewald house,” Ben tells producers in the preview.

“One adjustment going from one child to two is there are so many diapers and they pile up so fast. We gotta take the trash out a lot more often.”

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Family Photo
Photo via People

We’re guessing Jessa cracked and let out a terrifying Heath Ledger Joker laugh when she heard Ben complain about taking the trash out more often.

If she didn’t, she deserves some sort of prize.

Ben should probably go ahead and get a job before Jessa disappears with the kids and goes full Gone Girl on his ass.