Beyonce Twins: Was Their Debut Picture Photoshopped?

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You didn't think Beyonce would be able to simply debut her twins without any controversy, did you?

You didn't think the Queen of All Everything would be permitted to simply stand and slay and introduce little Sir and Rumi to the world without morons online having their annoying say, did you?

Come on.

This is the Internet. 

Beyonce Slays

On Friday morning, Beyonce finally debuted her babies, confirming the names above and also confirming that they were born on June 13.

“Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today,” the 35-year-old artist captured the snapshot, which instantly went viral and nearly caused the entire World Wide Web to come crashing down.

The gorgeous picture features Beyonce standing in front of the ocean, along with a large number of flowers, while staring seriously into the camera and holding both newborns in her two arms.

Her left leg is sticking out in its entirety and we can see her sleek stomach and her exposed upper chest.

She looks amazing.

Beyonce Twins Photo!

According to E! News, the flowing, ruffled, full-length silk floral jacket on Beyonce’s body was designed by Palomo Spain designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo.

The original ensemble was part of the company's spring/summer 2017 collection - and it was actually first modeled by a man in the brand's catalog.

Beyonce reportedly asked for the piece to be transformed into a gown prior to announcing her pregnancy.

And, according to some dumb people on the Internet, Beyonce Photoshopped this image.

A few supposedly astute users have taken a very close look at the photograph above and claimed there's something amiss with the corners.

"Look at the shadows," wrote a Twitter trolled named Slayride_87. "They don't match up."

Another person with way too much time on his or her hands, meanwhile, claims it appears as if one of the babies has two left hands, joining the chorus of those who think Beyonce manufactured this picture.

The Jay and the Bey

Why would Beyonce Photoshop this picture?

For the record, we don't believe she did so.

But multiple sources have reported that the twins suffered a minor health problem shortly after they were born, likely due to Beyonce giving birth about a week or so prior to her due date.

The little girl and little boy remained in the hospital for several days after entering the world.

This new conspiracy theory wants everyone else to believe that there's something wrong with the babies and Beyonce staged this photo to make it seem otherwise.

She wants her fans to believe everything is fine and normal and healthy and beautiful.

The critics circulating this chatter are probably the same ones who claimed Beyonce was faking her first pregnancy.

We have no idea why so many fools out there question such obvious and special developments in Beyonce's life, but the best guess is sheer jealousy.

Few superstars have as sterling a reputation as Beyonce and a few morons out there probably just want to bring her down a few pegs.

Thankfully, they are in the minority.

The twins photo featured here earned nearly nine million Likes in just 24 hours, making it on pace to become the most-Liked Instagram photo of all-time.


This means Beyonce need not say a single word in order to shoot down the haters. The (REAL!) picture and the reaction it continues to garner online can speak for itself.

Take that, trolls. Go back into hiding.

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