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Sometimes when you see someone make a truly horrendous decision, you convince yourself that eventually they’ll see the error of their ways and reverse course.

But then you remember that Donald Trump’s Mika Brzezinski tweets haven’t been deleted yet, which is proof that often, people do dumb things and stubbornly stick to their guns.

When Bella Thorne traveled to Cannes with Scott Disick, we told ourselves that she would eventually realize hooking up with a drunk, depressive, 34-year-old father of three is no way to spend the last year of her teens.

Thorne, Bella
Photo via Getty Images

When Bella abruptly returned home without Scott, we were satisfied that she had seen the light.

And when Scott’s friends told the world that Bella smells bad, we chose to look on the bright side and take it as insurance that Bella would never wander down that dangerous path again.

Oh, how wrong we were.

To the surprise of everyone who overestimated her decision-making skills, Bella is still hooking up with Scott.

Fortunately, sources close to the trainwreck pairing say Scott and Bella are not dating.

But they are hooking up.

Scott Disick Poster
Photo via Instagram

As far as we can tell, that distinction means Scott is able to continue spreading his sadness and hooking up with random women all over the globe.

It’s a win-win for Disick … and just an incredibly super sad super situation for Bella.

“He’s still hanging out with Bella, but hooking up with other girls as well,” a source close to the situation tells People magazine.

The insider goes on to clarify that Bella is aware that Scott’s hooking up with other women, and she’s cool with it.

“Like before, he and Bella have an understanding,” says the tipster.

Bella Thorne: Topless in 2017
Photo via Snapchat

"They’re just hanging out, hooking up and having fun,” the source adds.

“Bella loves to party and is soaking it up. She left a party over the weekend in a rush to go and hang out with him.”

She loves partying?

Is that why she came home from Cannes ahead of schedule and publicly complained about Scott’s boozing and all-night ragers?

We’re guessing she loves something about Scott, but it’s not his hard-partying lifestyle.

That sounds like we’re talking about his penis, but really, we’re referring to the fact that he’s more famous than she is, and banging him is good for her career.