The Bachelorette Frontrunner: Spotted in Paradise!

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There are The Bachelorette spoilers revealed through exclusive, shadowy intelligence from behind the scenes, and then there is this:

A spoiler revealed by a photograph of someone competing on a spinoff show they wouldn't be on if they won the final rose this season.

Rachel Lindsay in Red

Thanks to TMZ, we can report - and confirm - that one of the men still in the running for Rachel Lindsay's final rose does not get it ...

... because he's filming Bachelor in Paradise.

If you're an avid reader of Bachelorette spoilers and largely believe what you read, then, well, this obviously wasn't a surprise to you.

Nor were a lot of casual fans thinking that Dean Unglert was THE guy this season, even though he's made it this far for good reason.

But now it's confirmed. Dean doesn't win.

If anything it's more noteworthy that Dean is in Paradise because it seemingly takes him out of the running to be The Bachelor as well.

He would've made a decent casting choice for that role come January 2018, but it looks like Dean booked a ticket to Mexico instead.

Dean, 26

Also noteworthy is how the Paradise scandal involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson indirectly led to this particular spoiler.

As you've surely heard, an enormous scandal erupted over what effectively amounted to an DeMario and Corinne soft porn production.

With the show shut down temporarily, but filming back underway under increased scrutiny, paparazzi captured new photos of the cast.

As such, Dean was sighted ... and outed. The irony.

Also notably present at The Bachelor abode south of the border were Ben Zorn and Raven Gates, two of the franchise's most eligible.

Their casting was announced long ago, however; Bachelorette stars from the current season aren't announced until they get eliminated.

Dean Unglert Pic

As for how far Dean makes it this season?

We won't give that away here (follow the links above for more details on the topic), but clearly Dean and Rachel’s relationship will end.

That leaves Eric Bigger, Peter Kraus and Bryan Abasolo among the top contenders to take home the final rose from the lovely Lindsay.

Unglert, 26, had a lot going for him, but he's young, and his bond with Rachel never seemed to quite reach what those three attained.

Hey, a second shot at love with the likes of Raven Gates in a steamy tropical location isn't the worst consolation prize of all time at least.

Are you excited to hear that Dean will be on Bachelor In Paradise? Are you as shocked as we are that there will even be a new season?

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