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So just in case you missed it, Kanye West hasn’t been having the best time lately.

He’s actually been having a truly terrible time for months and months and months.

Kanye West is Concert
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It all started … well, it’s hard to actually pinpoint an exact moment when things started taking a turn for the worse, since he’s been wacky for years.

But after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, he seemed to begin on a downward spiral.

He was in the middle of a concert when he heard the news, and he immediately left the show to tend to the situation, which was sweet.

But when he started his tour up again, he began going on bizarre, troubling rants.

He slammed Jay Z, claiming that his once close friend hadn’t called him to check on his family after the robbery, and a few weeks later he slammed Beyonce, too.

Kanye West in White on Stage Image
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He started showing support for Donald Trump, which didn’t seem quite like him.

Then, in late November, Kanye had a mental breakdown.

He was hospitalized for over a week, and when he went home, rumors began circulating that he and Kim were on the brink of a divorce.

Those rumors continue to this day — even though they’re reportedly expecting a new baby or two through a surrogate.

A few months ago, he deleted his social media accounts, and he even allegedly left Kim for a time.

Kimye at Home
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These days, he’s back with her, but he’s still more silent than he’s ever been. We haven’t heard a peep directly from Kanye in a long, long time.

But thankfully, according to a new report from TMZ, that doesn’t necessarily mean things aren’t going well for him.

In fact, things are looking up in a big way.

Sources say that Kanye is back and better than ever, that he’s "focused, engaged, and has overcome the issues that landed him in the hospital last year."

Things are going so well that he’s even looking to go back on tour as early as the beginning of next year!

Kanye West in Queens
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It’s great news, considering that he canceled his Saint Pablo tour in November after repeatedly showing up hours late and failing to really perform his songs.

To be fair, he canceled it literally the day before his breakdown, so it was probably for the best.

The report says that for the new tour, Kanye will update the set list, and he’ll improve on the already impressive set that accompanied the Saint Pablo tour.

Finally, TMZ’s sources claim that while he doesn’t have "a specific timeline," there’s a good chance a new album will drop early next year, too.

Can’t wait to have you back, ‘Ye!