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For the record, DeMario Jackson says he did NOT have sexual intercourse with Corinne Olympios in Mexico.

But that doesn’t mean things didn’t get very hot and extremely heavy between the Bachelor in Paradise contestants while filming Season 4.

DeMario Jackson is Confused

At this point, there’s no need to rehash the controversy that has centered around Jackson and Olympios all month, is there?

They got drunk. They hooked up. A third party wondered whether Olympios was too wasted to give consent and production was therefore shut down.

After an internal investigation by Warner Bros., however, it was determined that no sexual misconduct took place between DeMario and Corinne.

The company even announced that episodes would resume filming and Season 4 would still air on ABC this summer.

Olympios will not be involved, however, as she’s still pondering legal action against the network or production company.

As for DeMario?

DeMario Jackson on E!

He sat down this week for an extended, multi-part interview with E! News.

At one point, he explained the toll this scandal has taken on his family.

At another, he defended Olympios against accusations that she’s a slut.

In the latest excerpts from his Q&A, however, Jackson gets down to the nitty gritty naked details of what transpired between himself and his fellow reality star after they took about three shots each just a couple days into filming.

"Her and I were in the pool, fired up, having fun. Kissing, rubbing, touching…nothing too sexual yet," Jackson explained, adding:

"And then things got wild. It was more like her being the aggressor, which was sexy. When you have an attractive girl telling you what she wants…this is hot, I like it.

"For the most part, the cameras are around, it’s a very intimate scene. I’m feeling the girl, I’m into this."

Not completely into it, however.

Jackson confessed to having "whiskey dick" at the time, but said Olympios didn’t really care that he was flaccid.

"This is when she gets up out of the pool and puts her lady parts right on my face," he says, outlining how he was sitting on the edge of the water at the time.

"She straddled me, like put her…right on my, literally smack dab right there. I’m like, "Oh, s–t."

DeMario Interview Pic

Both stars were naked at this point, Jackson says.

The oral sex lasted for about 10 to 20 seconds, with castmate Jasmine Goode – who is adamantly on Team DeMario – even walking by at one point to say hello.

At no point, not even the tiniest bit, did Jackson ever think Olympios was so drunk that she was unaware of what was happening; heck, he insists, she was the one pushing for it to happen.

The next morning, DeMario says, everyone was hungover and tired… but on perfectly good terms.

He gave Corinne a hug. Everything seemed totally fine between them.

It was super homie stuff," he says of their post-oral-sex interactions. "It was never like she was weird or standoffish."

Three days after the incident, however, a producer went up to Jackson and suggested he drop out of the show.

DeMario says he was angry because he had agreed to appear on Bachelor in Paradise to "redeem’ himself after Rachel Lindsay called him out as a cheater and sent him home on The Bachelorette.

Referencing the conversation with the producer, along with the third party who took issue with what transpired in the pool, Jackson said the following to E! News:

"The producer’s like, "We can’t have you on the show." I’m like, "This person, what did they see?"

"He said, ‘…It’s raunchy as s–t, it’s soft-core porn.’

"He was so sincere…I got tears in my eyes, he has tears in his eyes…

"But I’m thinking, I came to Paradise to find love, meet new friends and make America smile again."

Corinne on ABC

In conclusion, Jackson says he isn’t mad at Corinne. He says he loves her. He’s there for her.

And he’s maybe even consider a return to Paradise. He wouldn’t rule it out, at least.

"I have not thought about that…at this moment I don’t care about that. I don’t care about anything but my family.

"This whole experience was humbling."