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As you may have heard by now, Bella Thorne recently got sucked into Scott Disick’s self-destructive downward spiral, and she didn’t particularly enjoy the ride.

It’s not a huge shock that an up-and-coming 19-year-old actress didn’t enjoy her glimpse at a 34-year-old’s war on his own liver, but it is somewhat surprising that Bella is being so open about just how hellish the whole experience was.

Scott Disick Laughs It Up

Bella traveled to Cannes with Scott during the city’s famous film festival last month, and while they don’t seem to have made it to the theater, the Lord did treat his guest to a live reenactment of Leaving Las Vegas.

In a surprisingly candid interview with Complex, Bella suprised absolutely no one by revealing that during their time together, Disick drank a lot and pretty much acted like the self-important D-bag we’ve come to know and tolerate over the years.

“Scott is really nice, sweet, charming. I don’t drink, and he really drinks a lot. And it just ended up… I just wasn’t down. I was like, ‘I gotta leave,’” Bella told the magazine.

Bella then summed up the feelings of every person who’s ever watched Disick play a particularly punishing game of drink-vom-drink, saying:

"I was like, ‘Woah, this is not the way I live my life, bruh.’”

Bella Thorne in Chandler Parsons Jersey

Bruh, indeed.

One would think from that description that Disick couldn’t care less what Thorne thinks about him, but apparently that would be an inaccurate impression.

According to TMZ Scott sent Bella an apology bouquet on Tuesday night.

We know it’s his way of seeking forgiveness because he sent Kourtney Kardashian the exact same bouquet one of the many times he was in the dog house with her.

So it seems Scott wants Bella back in his life, which is awkward for a bunch of reasons.

Bella Thorne Playboy Photo

For starters, Scott’s Cannes bender was part of an attempt to win back Kourtney.

It seems he’s finally come to terms with the fact that that’s never gonna happen and has turned his attention to Bella.

To make matters worse, Bella’s traumatic few days with Scott led to a reconciliation with her ex, Gregg Sulkin, who’s probably not too crazy about a wild-eyed lush stalking out his girlfriend.

You would think Scott wouldn’t have a chance after what happened in France, but it’s important to keep one thing in mind:

Scott is famous, and Bella is very, very thirsty.