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Those who tune in to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online or on television saw Scott Disick bring back Lord Disick last month.

Feeling a bit alone and a tad lost, the reality star channeled this infamous persona once again for an episode of his quasi family’s E! reality show.

But it’s not Lord Disick that Scott really wants back, according to a new tabloid report, it’s Kourtney Kardashian.

Scott Disick Stares at Us

According to an OK! Weekly insider, Disick is prepared to leave his partying behind if it means he can once again squeeze the luscious behind of his three-time baby mama.

That is, Disick is willing to change his life in order to become more of a family man. Finally.

“He’s been eating clean, exercising and looking after the kids," this source tells OK!, adding:

"And, most importantly, he’s three or four weeks sober now.”

No matter what you may think of Scott Disick, this is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

He’s been to rehab on multiple occasions and deserves your applause if he really is making progress in this regard.

Disick and Kardashian have remained close, despite their many differences and despite chatter last summer that Scott cheated on Kourtney.

They spent Halloween together this year, dressing up as superheroes along with their children.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on Halloween

But just being on good terms isn’t enough for Disick, this publication alleges. He wants more.

"Scott’s the first to admit he put Kourtney and the kids through hell and he doesn’t probably deserve any sympathy, let alone a reunion," the insider says.

"But he’s giving it a try and wants to prove that he’s capable of being a better person, for the kids as much as himself."

Again, if this is true, we salute Disick.

He was accused in July of last year of spending far too much time with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli in France, drinking and going out and maybe even having sex with her.

But even if an affair was never confirmed, this was yet another example of Disick’s neglect for Kourtney and the kids.

Kardashian finally had enough, ending her nine-year romance with Scott.

No one out there really blamed her. In fact, most people only had one question for Kardashian: What took so long?!?

Kourtney Kardashian is Ready to Party

Still, even if Kourtney gets really irritated with Disick at times, she’s been kind-hearted enough to realize that it’s best for her children if their father is around often.

She’s been very open and honest about wanting to remain on good terms with Scott and even about considering a romance again. Maybe. Possibly. At some point. Perhaps.

“If Kourtney chooses to take him back, that will be a miraculous bonus," the OK! source concludes.

"She’s wary and refuses to get her hopes up after all the pain from the past. But, like Scott, she’s taking one day at a time and never saying never."

You heard it here first, readers: we say Disick and Kardashian for eventually make love again? In fact, we say they get married! And the ceremony is shown on TV!

Oh, yes, we said it. We went there. It will happen!

Do you want to see Kourtney and Scott get back together?

Or was this relationship too toxic to be worth another shot?