Bella Thorne Mauls Gregg Sulkin, Sticks it to Scott Disick in Racy New Pic

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It's a sad day when a grown man's antics are so bad that a teen girl feels the need to put some visible distance between them.

So, you know how absolutely everyone is fed up with Scott Disick's hard-to-miss antics with 19-year-old girls? It looks like we can count Bella Thorne in with the rest of us.

She's apparently spent the last two days hanging out with ex Gregg Sulkin, and has not been shy about sharing that on Instagram.

Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin

Of course, Bella's never been a shy kinda girl. She's straightforward about showing off her body, and she's never minced words about being bisexual.

And they both look great in that photo, because of course they do.

Scott Disick's apparent attempt to get back at Kourtney Kardashian has been to be seen very publicly with attractive young women. Not only is that backfiring, but it's led to some buyer's remorse from people like Bella Thorne who got caught in the middle.

On the surface, they were a perfect fit, since anyone on Scott's arm is going to get noticed and Bella Thorne is known for grabbing people's attention.

Usually just with photos of herself.

Some would say that she's desperate, others say that she just likes flaunting her body.

Honestly, can we blame her?

Bella Thorne Bikini Thirst Trap

Now, lots of people spend time with their exes. They might even be cuddly.

Not everyone posts those photos to Instagram.

Maybe they're just rekindling their old relationship, but it would also be a very effective way for Bella to send a Scott and also to the world that she's put that Cannes drama behind her.

We hope that this isn't a case of her using Gregg to get back at Scott for using her.

That would be enough like a soap opera to make your head spin.

Bella Thorne White Shirt

Bella has a few exes, and a lot of her younger fans would be delighted to see her get back with Gregg Sulkin. The two had dated for a good long while and only broke up late last summer.

Their relationship wasn't controversial like, say, her rumored romance with YouTuber and accused rapist Sam Pepper. Because yikes.

That situation was short-lived for a reason.

But until someone makes a real announcement, Bella and Gregg are just friends. Friends who used to date and who have been very visibly inseparable for the last couple of days.

Cuddly friends. But friends nonetheless.

Overall, it looks like Bella is still young, but making better choices for herself these days. That's kind of what being 19 is all about.

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