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We suppose this was inevitable.

When a famous man has an insatiable appetite for inappropriately young women, and a thirsty young woman will do anything to raise her public profile, it’s only a matter of time before they find each other.

So the reports that Scott Disick is dating Bella Thorne aren’t terribly shocking … but they are mildly disturbing.

Scott Disick Stands
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As you probably know, Disick is single after getting dumped by Kourtney Kardashian for approximately the 47,000th time.

This time, it seems Kourt’s sticking to her guns, and Scott’s been exacting his revenge by attempting to bang every barely-legal up-and-coming model or actress in the greater Los Angeles area.

Looking back, we suppose it was only a matter of time before 33-year-old father of three Scott found his way to 19-year-old Bella Thorne, she of the frequent semi-nude Instagram selfies and eternal thirst.

We thought that Bella was dating Chandler Parsons of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies, but it seems she’s back on the market.

Or at least she was, until Scott sank his vulture claws into her.

Bella Thorne Boobs Photo
Photo via Snapchat

Today, People magazine and several other outlets are publishing reports that Scott and Bella went on a date recently.

And if eye-witness accounts are to be believed, Scott had his bourbon-and-vomit smelling beard all up in Bella’s business.

“It was a real date,” a source tells People.

The magazine adds that Disick and Thorne grabbed dinner at L.A. hotspot Catch and then moved on to The Peppermint Club.

“They were dancing together and getting cozy, but he was a total gentleman,” says the insider.

Bella Thorne at the AMAs
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Of course, "being a gentleman" by Scott Disick standards simply means not puking on her shoes.

We kid about Scott’s booze problem, but in all seriousness, friends are reportedly concerned that Disick is drinking himself to death in the wake of his latest split from Kourtney.

Maybe Bella is just what he needs to straighten himself out.

Or maybe she’s a teenager about to get way in over her head with an alcoholic dad family man who’s stuck in the worst sort of downward spiral.

Either way, she’ll likely end up on future episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which means it’s probably all good with Bella.