Paris Jackson Shares Photo with Michael Jackson, Tattoo Honoring Him

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Paris Jackson may be a likeable, spiritual young woman of 19, but it's clear that her late father's absence looms heavily in her mind.

Fortunately, she has a way of honoring him and expressing herself all at once -- and she's just gotten a new tattoo.

Fans also help her to honor him, which is how we get photos that reach across time and space to reunite father and daughter.

Paris Jackson and Michael Jackson, a Fan Edit

That's a fan-edited image of her with her dad.

She captioned it: "My angel, my king, my universe. 8 years without you feels like a lifetime."

Her father died on June 25th, so the 8-year anniversary of his passing was just two days ago.

Paris is only 19, but the only way to see photos of her recent self with her father is with editing software.

That's all kinds of sad.

But incredibly touching for fans to create for her benefit.

She also shared a photo of a new tattoo that she's gotten to honor her late father.

She has other tattoos, but despite such a variety, she manages to do them so much more tastefully than you'd think.

Not that it matters, since it's her body to decorate as she wishes.

But this latest tattoo is an endearing callback to her dad.

Paris Jackson's Feet with Tattoos

You know, as always, the foot people are going to love that picture more than anyone would like.

But sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and post a foot photo when it's relevant.

The new tattoo is where it says "Apple Head" on her left foot, as that was an affectionate nickname that Michael's children had for their dad.

In case anyone missed the significance, she included a green apple emoji with her caption, which read:

"With every step i take, you lift my foot and guide me forward. love you."

That's really beautiful.

Paris Jackson at 2017 Grammys

It's almost impossible to not have boundless affection for Paris Jackson.

You know how Prince Harry talked about how nobody wants to be royal because you're just born into responsibility and celebrity without ever asking for it?

Well, Paris Jackson may not need to attend gaudy ceremonies that no longer hold any real governing authority, but she was absolutely born into a famous family and into an overpowering celebrity status that she never could have imagined.

But we don't just like her because she's sympathetic.

She's an intriguingly spiritual person, and you only need to look through her Instagram to see that.

There's also the (super relatable) detail of Paris Jackson's fondness for nudity that our wildly uptight society sorely needs.

Paris Jackson Topless Pic

Honestly, Paris Jackson's had a rough time, with ordinary and extraordinary challenges to overcome.

But we're so impressed by the young woman she's become.

Whether she's explaining why 13 Reasons Why is harmful or giving internet trolls the smackdown, we're so glad that she's around and so willing to share her thoughts and life with the world.

If she wanted to be a total recluse, she'd have every right to do so.

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