Chloe Lattanzi: Olivia Newton-John's Daughter Reveals "Disastrous" Boob Job

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Chloe Lattanzi is the daughter of beloved actress and former pop star Olivia Newton-John.

The 31-year-old model and aspiring singer is making tabloid headlines today thanks to her eye-opening comments about the horrors of plastic surgery gone awry on Tuesday's episode of The Doctors.

Lattanzi revealed that she underwent her first cosmetic procedure when she was just 18 - and has regretted it ever since.

"All those things were a disaster,” Lattanzi said when asked about the multiple breast implants she received in her teens and early twenties.

“Not only did the lip implants look ridiculous, the first boob op I had in Australia when I was 18, left me looking mutilated.”

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Thirteen years and more than half a million dollars in cosmetic surgery later, Lattanzi says she's finally happy with her appearance.

“Now I’m a 32DD and I love my body and love showing my new boobs off," she said today.

"Mom supported my surgery decisions because she knew how unhappy I was before.”

Sadly, plastic surgery disasters are not unusual in Hollywood, but they usually become closely-guarded secrets.

It's a rare to see a public figure such as Lattanza open up about such nightmarish experiences, and hopefully her candidness will help young people avoid similar misfortunes.

These days, Lattanza says she's happier and healthier than ever.

She's soon to release an album; she's engaged; and she recently moved to Oregon to open a marijuana dispensary with her fiance.

Check out Lattanza's full interview below:

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