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If you watch Teen Mom: OG online, then you know this week’s season finale may have been the most harrowing episode the show has ever delivered.

In it, we saw Ryan Edwards marry Mackenzie Standifer in what was likely the most depressing wedding in the history of reality television.

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Edwards checked into rehab after the ceremony, and the wedding was a quickie, bizarre affair attended only by Ryan’s parents.

By all accounts, the motivation to get it done ASAP was to give him a leg up in custody negotiations with his ex, Maci Bookout. 

That would be more than enough to raise eyebrows, but wasn’t the half of it, as Teen Mom fans couldn’t believe what they saw:

Ryan was visibly intoxicated and drove to the wedding so high on prescription drugs that he nodded off behind the wheel.

Standifer then took a world of flak on social media for both allowing Edwards to drive and shutting off the car’s dash cam.

Many viewers criticized her for such a move, believing she didn’t want fans and producers to know the extent of his inebriation.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards

It certainly didn’t help her escape the perception that she cares more about herself and her image than her now-husband’s well being.

For the most part, Mackenzie’s been silent on the criticism, leading many to the conclusion that she realizes this was a foolish move.

Today, she acknowledged both the uproar and the difficulties of her first month of marriage with one cryptic tweet:

“God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way,” Mackenzie wrote.

Obviously, she didn’t directly address the issues at hand.

Still, there’s no way this tweet is about anything other than the mess of drama that has characterized Standifer’s life in recent weeks.

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These days, Edwards is out of rehab, having completed a four-week stay (which many feel is insufficient) and back on social media himself.

His own posts aren’t quite so sunny and optimistic.

In fact, his very first post after leaving in-patient care was a jab at Maci Bookout, in which he encouraged the mother of his child to "STFU."

This may have been a reference to Maci’s demands that Ryan seek help, as well as several accusations she’s made against him lately.

Specifically, Maci has stated her belief that both his wife and parents, Jen and Larry, were to blame for his increasingly dangerous behavior.

Whether they’re responsible for a grown man’s decisions or enabling him by not intervening stridently enough is a very complex subject.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem that Edwards effectively put his demons behind him during treatment, based on that kind of comment.

Here’s hoping that he’ll continue to seek the help that he needs and put his best foot forward in life, for the sake of his marriage and child.