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So many of the adventures of Florida Woman are entertaining but harmless. Remember when Florida Woman offered to trade a blowjob for chicken nuggets? The only bad part of that story was her arrest.

Unfortunately, not all versions of Florida Woman are trying to make the world a better place while getting a tasty treat.

Marissa Mowry stands accused of having a three-year relationship with a preteen boy, starting when he was 11. She is also accused of having gotten pregnant by him and giving birth to the child, who is now three years old. Here’s some basic info that you should know:

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This woman, Marissa Mowry, is now 25 years old. Obviously, we do not know the name of her alleged victim, who is now 14.

She’s been charged with sexual battery of a victim under 12.

Well, yeah.

But now Marissa Mowry is facing 14 more counts, which sounds appropriate, because these allegations sound too horrifying for just one charge to cover it.

11 of those charges are of custodian sexual battery of a child.

(No, custodian here doesn’t mean janitor — it may mean that she was his caretaker in some capacity, such as a babysitter)

Also, three additional counts of sexual battery of a victim under 12.

We don’t know that this necessarily means that they believe that she was preying on other tweens.

But given that these instances of sexual battery are said to have taken place over the course of three years …

(Like, that’s basically all of middle school — or maybe 5th grade through 7th grade — both of which are horrifying)

… We can see why they’d need more than one charge, though we don’t even want to imagine the details behind the specific charges.

Because gross.

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Police say that Marissa Mowry gave birth to the victim’s child in October of 2014.

At the time, Mowry was 22.

Her alleged victim was still 11 when she gave birth.

(Yes, there are absolutely 11-year-olds who are already producing viable sperm)

(Needless to say, neither physical maturity nor anything else make it okay for an adult to sexually prey upon a child)

The resulting 3-year-old child is reported to now be in the care of a "responsible adult."

Neighbor’s report that Mowry’s boyfriend (who is in the military) was "shocked" to discover that the 3-year-old is not his.

(And, obviously, the circumstances of that child’s conception and his girlfriend’s arrest)

To be clear, yes, Mowry is accused of continuing to prey upon the unnamed boy for years after giving birth to his child.

As if this story could get any more disgusting, Mowry’s initial statement to police placed blame on the then-11-year-old.

She apparently claimed that the boy had assaulted her at the time.

Mowry claimed that he forced himself upon her while she was "under the influence of medication."

Mowry also claimed that she awoke to find the victim touching her, that she he then proceeded to have sex with her and that she had told him to "stop."

Mowry later denied the entire encounter during a conversation with the minor — a conversation to which the police were listening.

It sounds like she can’t keep her horrible stories straight.

Now, it’s reported that Mowry had a troubled childhood.

That much is kind of obvious.

People from all walks of life might prey upon a preteen, unfortunately.

Not all of them give birth to an 11-year-old’s child and then continue the affair.

Mowry was reportedly a runaway when she was young.

Even if these allegations describe her reenacting something horrible that happened to her as a child, she’s an adult now.

Bad childhoods can explain mental health problems as an adult (in fact, they nearly guarantee them).

But nothing can excuse evil inflicted on an innocent person.

Especially a child.

Deputies say that Mowry is pregnant with another child.

But her alleged victim is not believed to be the father of this one.

Marissa Mowry hasn’t entered a plea, yet, so that will be all sorts of interesting.

She has, after all, seemed to struggle with keeping her story straight already.

We hope that she won’t subject this 14-year-old to having to testify at her trial.

As in many cases of adults preying upon minors, it’s likely that everyone connected to the case knows the boy’s identity already.

But that’s very different from having to testify in court.

This is the kind of Florida Woman story on the level of that time that Florida Woman kept trying to impregnate her slave.

Every detail is as awful as it is sensational.

Generally, we prefer when Florida Man and Florida Woman take care of themselves.

Remember when Florida Burglar hid in a gator pond and got killed by gators

No children had to testify over that.