Kylie Jenner Censored Her Own Nipples on Snapchat: LOOK!

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Kylie Jenner will stop at nothing to promote her lip products. And, let's face it, to promote herself.

Apparently, that means that she'll even share this risque image of herself with her legions of Snapchat followers.

It has all of the ingredients of a consummate Kylie Jenner photo:

Kylie Jenner with Censoring Stars

-fake, darker skin tone

-her face makeup makes her look like somebody's new, young stepmom

-shameless self-promotion

-shared via Snapchat

-taste that's questionable at best

-absurdly, attention-grabbingly revealing outfit

-looking like a Bratz doll was animated in the worst-yet adaptation of Pinnochio

Kylie Jenner as a Cowboy

Don't get us wrong, Kylie's super hot.

It's just that she dresses like a pin-up so often.

And the lighting and "pose" -- she's literally just standing, facing the camera like a deer in headlights -- makes it look like this photo belongs on a website for missing and exploited girls, if not as evidence at somebody's kidnapping trial.

Kylie Jenner in Underwear on Snapchat

You can be all for women choosing what clothing to wear and how much skin they show and still get tired of Kylie's antics.

Just like how Kylie's an adult and can choose whom to date, but we still don't understand why she keeps dating Tyga.

You can support #FreeTheNipple all that you want and still wonder why Kylie didn't just wear a bra that hid her nipples instead of censoring them in post.

There's a joke about her Snapchat followers being all "starry-eyed" in there somewhere, but who has the stomach to make it? 

Kylie Jenner Underboob

We guess that we hope that this promo works.

People have criticized Kylie Cosmetics' quality but they're still very in-demand.

Fans will keep buying them as long as she's selling them, huh?

Sex sells, or whatever.

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