Kylie Jenner: Look at My Lips, Not My Nips!

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Kylie Jenner's posted another provocative photo of herself, this time in a sheer lace bra that just barely toes the line of what Instagram will allow.

In fact, it was in this same top that she previously had to censor her own nip-nops over Snapchat.

She's just ... being Kylie.

Kylie Jenner in a Lacy Bra

If her hair or arm moved in the slightest, this photo would get way racier.

While this photo is undoubtedly promoting her brand, she doesn't caption it with anything to indicate what she's trying to promote.

She's not wearing any of that colorful camouflage bikini stuff, but not only is this the same outfit that she previously used to promote her lip kits, we think that it might be from the same time.

Like, who takes just one picture, right?

And she's shared another before.

If you look at her actual face, you'll see that her lip matte is pretty prominent. The other colors of her outfit and the whole photo are relatively subdued, so you're extra likely to notice her lips.

... Eventually.

Obviously, at least some of the photos weren't Instagram-appropriate, because Instagram is as leery of women's nipples as Mike Pence is of women who aren't Mother.

They're tempting beacons of lust that will lead society to destroy itself, or something.

Kylie Jenner's Instagram Underboob

Admittedly, she does look really good -- which is always the case.

Even though this makeup makes her look about a decade older than she actually is.

If you're 19 and promoting your brand, we don't really get why you wouldn't make youth part of it.

Maybe she has a complex because her oldest sister is 38 -- literally twice her age.

Maybe having five older siblings makes you want to leave your youth behind or whatever.

We wonder if she'll look back at this time in her life when she's older and go "why was I so obsessed with looking old?"

Kylie Jenner Butt Scar Photo

Kylie's taken so many risque photos over the years that you'd think that she'd tire of them, that there'd be enough.

Maybe, every time that she gets new boobs her bust very naturally grows a little larger, she wants to take more photos.

To show off her new body but also to drown out old photos where her body no longer looks like it did.

The girl clearly has some body image issues that nobody seems to be addressing.

Right now, it's helping her get intensely rich

In the future ... well, we hope that she doesn't outpace her siblings' procedures and start turning herself into a cat.

Kylie at Fashion Week

The "sex sells" thing is an age-old truism, but that doesn't mean that one person can do it forever.

Sooner or later, Kylie and her brand are going to have to have a thing that isn't her boobs or her butt or her lips.

You know what? She's super crazy about her dogs.

That could be her whole thing.

Animal rights or just pet adoption or something would add depth to her persona and to her brand.

And obviously give her something that she could still be known for in 10 years ... or in 50.

You know, instead of just "that lady who used to be hot."

In the mean time ... bring on the boobs, we guess.

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