14 Times We Thought Kylie Jenner was Actually Kim Kardashian

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Most of us do not emulate a talent-free sex tape star.

But most of us are not Kylie Jenner.

The teenage reality star has made no secret over the years that she looks up to older half-sister Kim Kardashian and that she hopes to be just like her someday.

As you can see below, Kylie is clearly on her way there in terms of the types of photos she poses for online:

1. Doing a Double Take

Doing a Double Take
Wait... what? Huh? Are you sure this is not a photo of Kim Kardashian? Upon quick glance (or even a not-so-quick glance) Kylie's hair, pose and features in this photo look eerily like those of her older half-sister.

2. Kylie Jenner, Plump Butt

Kylie Jenner, Plump Butt
Hmmm... sticking out your plump butt for the camera? Where did Kylie get this idea from?

3. Gone Blonde

Gone Blonde
Go ahead and search online. See how many times Kim has gone blonde here and there, just to mix things up and get some attention. We've seen this game before, Kylie.

4. Kylie Jenner Before Bed

Kylie Jenner Before Bed
Kim Kardashian basically invented the pre-bed selfie, an idea stolen here by Kylie.

5. Kylie Jenner Waist Training

Kylie Jenner Waist Training
BARF! Kylie is sadly copying Kim's unhealthy advocating of waist cinchers as an actual apparatus for weight loss. These items do nothing but line the pockers of these family members with money.

6. Kylie Jenner Outfit

Kylie Jenner Outfit
Kylie actually wore this outfit in public, with some folks around the Internet referring to as "stylish." We could have written that same sentence about Kim many times in the past.

7. Kylie Jenner for ELLE Canada

Kylie Jenner for ELLE Canada
Once again, Kim Kardashian basically invented the concept of posing for a magazine cover in a cleavage-baring top. Be original please, Kylie!

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