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Jessica Simpson has been battling internet trolls over the way she has been dressing her daughter, Maxwell for quite some time now.

We always jump to her defense because the majority of the time the trolls have been trying to get a rise out of the star, and their claims about the way little Maxwell is dressed have been bizarre. 

Jessica Simpson Poses with Daughter
Photo via Instagram

For what it’s worth, Jessica had been sending subtle digs at the haters with even more pictures of her daughter.

In short, she knows how to create controversy amongst her followers, and that’s a good thing when you consider that the only time she seems to be in the media these days is when the trolls come out to play. 

Hey, she needs to keep herself in the spotlight somehow. And no, we’re not talking about her rambling on for dear life on Ellen. That was lame and bizarre. 


Maxwell has officially graduated from preschool and Jessica opted to keep the outfit in line with what the kids are supposed to wear for a graduation, so it’s not like the trolls could appear from the woodwork on this one. 

Maxwell Johnson Graduates Preschool
Photo via Instagram

"Spread your wings and prepare to fly for you have become a butterfly," Simpson captioned a photo of her daughter. Thus far, it seems like the trolls have been successfully kept at bay, and Jessica can breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

We do think she would have liked some controversy, but it’s somewhat refreshing to look at comments on Instagram and to find people praising her. Is this, like, an alternate reality? 

We kid, of course. 

Jessica uploaded another picture of the event which showed her little one jumping for joy, presumably because she knows her mother’s phone is not going to be blowing up with hate for another few days. 

Maxwell Johnson is a Preschool Graduate
Photo via Instagram

"Someone is excited for kindergarten! How do all you moms do it? I need help," Simpson captioned the second picture. 

They sure grow up fast!

During Jessica’s  recent controversial appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Ellen wanted to find out whether the Simpson-Johnson family was expanding. 

"Are you sure that you’re not pregnant?" host Ellen DeGeneres asked. "I heard that you were."

"Oh, gosh!" Simpson replied. "We had an IUD. Nothing’s gonna get in that uterus!" Jessica promised she’s "not having a third" child, explaining, "They’re too cute! We really can’t top that."

Watch the full video below if you want to see what all the fuss was about. 

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