Jessica Simpson: SLAMMED as Bad Mother by Loser Trolls!

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Jessica Simpson just learned, once again, that the Internet can be a horrible place.

The proud mother of two celebrated her daughter turning five years old this week by hosting a fun birthday party for little Maxwell, her friends and her closest relatives.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson and Kids

It's unclear exactly where the gathering took place, but it's quite clear that theme was nautical in nature.

How do we know?

The young woman of honor was dressed up like a mermaid, striking a fun pose in front of blue and white balloons while wearing a glittery tail and seashell bikini top for a photo alongside her brother, mother and father.

How cute, right?

How adorable, no?

What a precious keepsake for this close-knit family, correct?

Apparently not any of these things, according to pathetic critics on the World Wife Web.

Jessica Simpson and Family

"My baby Maxwell is 5 years old today," wrote Simpson as a caption to this seemingly harmless image.

Added the artist:

"She makes everyone's life mermaid magical. Happy Birthday to our fairytale princess. Mommy, Daddy, and Ace love you with our "holy hearts" (as Max would say)"

"#MerMax #MAXIDREW #canyoube5forever."

In response to this family snapshot, far too many Instagram users jumped all over Simpson.

They accused her of basically making like Farrah Abraham by dressing her child in an inappropriate outfit.

Eric Johnson, Daughter

"She's 5. Put some clothes on her. good grief," one follower actually wrote, while another chimed in as follows:

"Kinda sad seeing a 5 year old posing like that..."

Really? It is?

It's kinda sad to see a toddler making like Ariel, one of the most famous and beloved characters in Disney history? Simply because her belly is exposed?

Look, if you want to insult Jessica Simpson over this photo... don't.

It's totally innocent and cute.

But if you REALLY feel the need to do so, you could maybe question why Simpson felt the need to expose her own cleavage in such an overt manner for a children's birthday party.

Jessica Simpson's Adorable Family Photo

She likely doesn't own any clothing that isn't skin tight on top, but whatever. Go have a field day with criticism in that area if you're so inclined.

But have we really reached a point in society where a little girl can't wear a mermaid costume without the girl's mother being harassed online? Sheesh.

Back in February of 2016, the 36-year-old star shared a different photo of Maxwell, in this instance holding a milkshake in her hand and rocking a sassy look on her face.

Wrote Simpson as a caption at the time:

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like it's better than yours..."

This was a a reference to the popular 2003 song "Milkshake" by Kelis, which is all about the singer praising her own oral sex abilities.

Jessica Simpson's Child

So, yeah. We understood at least some of the comments people made back then about Simpson.

But not now. This is just folks looking way, way, way too hard for a reason to be critical of a celebrity.

We wouldn't blame the alleged singer  if she wants to go live under the sea following this incident. 

Not only are they devoting all of their time, energy and mental capacity to floating down there...

But there's not any Internet access, either!

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