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Slowly but surely, Jacob Roloff is stepping back into the spotlight.

The former Little People, Big World star didn’t merely quit his family’s TLC reality show last summer…

… he did so in VERY loud and memorable fashion.

Jacob Roloff at Coffee
Photo via Instagram

In July of 2016, Roloff called out the series and also his loved ones for being totally fake and scripted.

He simply couldn’t handle it any longer and chose to go off on his own instead; he’s basically been road-tripping around the Pacific Northwest with his girlfriend and dogs ever since.

But Roloff has been keeping fans apprised of his life via a handful of video blogs over the past several weeks, explaining that he can control his own narrative this way.

"It’s just more free doing it myself, I can do anything, I can say anything, I can talk about anything," Roloff wrote on Instagram of why he has stepped away from reality TV… yet is still in front of a camera.

"I can show whatever I want," he concluded of these videos.

Along these same lines, Roloff has a new announcement to make:

He’s coming out with a book!!!!!!

Jacob Roloff Book Cover
Photo via Instagram

It is titled “Verbing” and you can purchase a copy on for just $5.

On Instagram, Roloff describes this quasi memoir as a "little thing" that are his "thoughts in physical form."

A profound individual, the 20-year old spends his days traveling around the country and basically pondering various aspects of life. And he wants to share some of these contemplations with his fans.

"Forewarning: I am not taking myself overly serious, it would be prudent if you didn’t either," Jacob adds of the book, explaining:

"This is a sincere expression and not much more. No end-game. No expectations."

At the moment, the book is only available for shipping to the United States and Canada.

Jacob Roloff, Dog
Photo via Instagram

According to its official description, it is a 16-page collection of three short essays, one titled “Ignorance,” one titled “Frustration,” and one titled “Revelations.”

Concluded Roloff of his goals with the short tome:

"This is my exploratory experiment with writing to get my feet wet with the process and establish the subject(s) I would like to write on in the future….

"Thank you for all support and encouragement!"

Jacob has also been vocal of late in his appreciation for new nephew Jackson Kyle Roloff … how can one not be enamored with him?

The baby was born to brother Zach and sister-in-law Tori on May 12 and he appears to have helped Jacob grow close once again to his family members.

Isabel Rock
Photo via Instagram

On more than one occasion, Jacob has stopped by the family farm since Jackson’s birth, sharing pictures of the adorable tyke and gushing over him online.

"Love bein an uncle so far. Love Little Man," Roloff wrote as a caption to one of these images.

Will you give Jacob’s book a try?

Have you been following his adventures online?

And do you still hope for an on-camera reunion between him and other members of the Roloff family?

We wouldn’t rule it out at this point.

But we’re also fine if it never happens.

Jacob appears to have made the right decision for himself and his goals in life and he’s now on the same page once again with his siblings and parents.

Why mess with a good thing?