Farrah Abraham & Simon Saran: Engaged?!

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Earlier today, we told you about unconfirmed reports that Farrah Abraham is pregnant with Simon Saran's baby.

We're always skeptical of rumors that seem to have originated in an Instagram comment thread, and Simon has already revealed in an interview that Farrah's definitively not knocked up.

But if you think that'll prevent the spread of more wild rumors about her love life, then you don't know the Internet!

Farrah Abraham in Jamaica

Abraham and Saran are currently in Jamaica, where they're celebrating Farrah's 26th birthday.

Yes, it may seem like Farrah's been irritating mankind since the advent of television, but in reality, she's only just now entering her late 20s.

Anyway, it seems that last night Simon decided to foot the bill for once, and he treated Farrah to a candlelit dinner on the beach on  Montego Bay.

Prior to the meal, Simon set the mood by leading Farrah down a curiously dong-shaped lighted pathway.

Fans could be forgiven for the thinking the moment was leading up to a proposal.

In fact, many of them jumped to that conclusion, despite the fact that the clip ended with no such climax.

Farrah bought her own engagement ring almost a year ago, so we guess it's understandable that fans would be eagerly seeking out hints that Simon is looking to pop the question.

Simon didn't help matters by responding to the rumors with an obnoxiously coy response.

“This was just her birthday surprise,” he wrote in response to the comments.

And that would've been fine, if he hadn't added a winking smiley face emoji at the end.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran on Vacation

But if you know Farrah, you know that she's not the type to hide big news from the public.

In fact, she doesn't hide anything from the public.

This is a girl who Snapchats brushing her teeth and openly muses about her daughter's sex tape.

There is absolutely no way that Farrah would get engaged and not immediately take out ads in every major newspaper in America.

We're sure Simon will eventually succumb to the pressure and put Farrah's own ring on her finger, but it almost certainly didn't happen in Jamaica last night.

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