Danielle Bregoli Gets Pummeled by Mother in Shocking Video That Explains a Lot

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It's very easy to hate on Danielle Bregoli.


This is a 13-year old girl with a major attitude problem, someone who became famous for taunting Dr. Phil and his audience members.

Danielle Bregoli Tries to Be Tough

Her use of the confusing phrase "Cash Me Ousside” (translation, meet me outside where I will fight you) made Danielle a viral sensation.

Since her behavioral problems and attitude sadly launched her to online stardom, she has also gotten into a fight with an airline passenger.

And has tried to cash in (sorry) and extend her 15 minutes by calling out the Kardashians (Kylie in particular) who she clearly idolizes.

As is the case for so many troubled teens, however, it seems pretty clear that the issues with Bregoli stems from how she's been raised.

Based on the following video below, it's clear that Danielle's mother, Barbara, has even bigger problems than her daughter.

The very, VERY disturbing footage went viral on Tuesday.

Danielle Bregoli on Dr. Phil

Apparently captured on someone’s phone, the clip depicts the troubled 13-year-old girl being reprimanded by her irate mother.

In horrible, disturbingly physical fashion.

We see Barbara holding her teenage daughter on the ground by her hair and screaming at her about she isn't “so f-cking tough."

While also referring to her as a “bitch."

Then, in a second video - which appears to have been filmed on a different cell phone - Barbara can be seen approaching Danielle on the couch.

She comes at her aggressively, and the altercation once again turns physical, with Danielle bearing the brunt of the domestic violence.

“Give it to me, bitch,” she demands.

Danielle Bregoli, Mom

In the clip, Barbara (walking around in a bra for some reason) grabs the much smaller Danielle by the hair and pummels her to the ground.

The teen's head is slammed on a tile floor, where her mom proceeds to strike her at least once as she puts up a futile resistence.

All the while, some upstanding citizen stands by and films a minor getting her ass kicked by a person she can't defend herself against.

It's child abuse, no ifs ands or buts. 

This brutal footage was released a few weeks after police were called to Danielle’s home following a reported domestic fight with her mom.

That melee broke out on March 7.

Danielle Bregoli fight

It's not clear how often mother and daughter have clashed in this manner, but it may explain a lot of things in light of this eye-opening video.

Does this graphic scene involving her mother excuse everything Danielle Bregoli has said and done over the past several months?

No, of course it doesn't. She is responsible for her own actions and should be held accountable for them, despite her young age.

It certainly puts it in context, though, gives you a sense of how upbringing matters and making us concerned for her well-being. 

Seriously, who treats their kid like this?!

Watch the upsetting video now and tell us if you feel sympathy for Danielle, or if your opinion of her has been significantly altered:

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