Catelynn Lowell: I Never Took Any Drugs from Matt Baier!

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Has there ever been a reality show personality as sketchy as Matt Baier?

Well, Josh Duggar exists, so yes, some reality stars are definitely worse than Matt, but still he's pretty awful.

Portwood, Baier

He's a deadbeat dad to a still undetermined amount of kids, he's been manipulative and mean to his meal ticket/fiancée, Amber Portwood.

He hasn't had one single redeeming moment in all the time he's been on Teen Mom OG -- not one.

And, as we saw in this week's episode of the show, he refers to himself as "Daddy."

He's a walking, talking nightmare, and we just can't seem to wake up.

You may have blocked out most of that last episode of Teen Mom because of Matt's "Do you forgive Daddy?" line, which is fair, but the reason he needed forgiving had to do with some drugs.

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic

He had some Xanax handy for the Teen Mom press week, and he offered some to Catelynn Lowell when he saw she was starting to get anxious.

Catelynn took it, Amber found out about it, and she was livid.

"What happened was my buddy gave me Xanax in case Amber needed it on the plane," Matt explained on the show. "That was it."

"She thinks, 'You're back on drugs.' I'm like, 'I'm not, I swear to God.'"

"I even said to Amber, 'If I wanted it, why would it have been in my pocket? It would have been in my stomach,'" he said.

Matt Baier with Amber

"Now there's rumors, everybody's talking about how Matt was f-cked up yesterday and that he's back on drugs. She wakes me up this morning, 'We're not getting married. You're a f-cking junkie.'"

"I'm done with this," Matt claimed.

So there's obviously a lot to unpack here.

For one, it's illegal to have a prescription medication that wasn't prescribed to you, so Matt was breaking the law during that trip.

Two, Amber is an addict, and prescription pills were her substance of choice -- so how dumb would it be to just give her a Xanax for some travel anxiety?

Amber Portwood Takes a Selfie

Three, Amber has revealed this season that she's on a variety of meds for her bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Mixing those meds with a random pill doesn't seem like the best plan.

Four, Matt recently admitted to relapsing on prescription pills right around the same time this footage would have been filmed, so why wouldn't Amber think he was back on drugs?

Five, why would Catelynn take a pill from Matt anyway?

As for that last point, don't worry -- Catelynn herself has explained exactly what happened there.

She tweeted "FYI I never took what Matt gave me like I know what it is?!? Hell no I saved that sh-t and told amber I wanted proof etc."

Catelynn Lowell Purple Hair

But on the episode, she thanked Matt, and later told him that she didn't mean to get him in trouble with Amber.

So what actually happened?

Did MTV use their famous Teen Mom editing magic to make it seem like Catelynn took the pill when she actually didn't?

Or was Catelynn getting slammed for taking it and is now trying to defend herself?

Also, can Matt get arrested for this? Because how great would it be if Matt got arrested for this?

So many questions, and absolutely no answers. What a time to be alive.

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