Tyler Baltierra: I Want to Quit Teen Mom!

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Just about every star of the Teen Mom franchise has complained about the show's editing at some point.

But fan favorite Tyler Baltierra just took things a step further.

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During this week's episode of Teen Mom, Tyler and his wife, Catelynn Lowell, tweeted that an Easter celebration scene was cobbled together by producers in order to make it look as though they were in the same place.

In reality, it seems the scene was shot while Catelynn was in rehab, being treated for depression and anxiety issues.

Following in the footsteps of disgruntled Teen Moms such as Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer, Catelynn took to social media to inform fans that the episode was misleading:

"Funny thing I WASN'T even there, c how editing can portray false things?" Catelynn tweeted.

Tyler commented:

"Lmao! I did these Easter bunny pics for you while you were in rehab babe. Now you're magically there on TV...weird."

It's not uncommon for reality show cast members to gripe that they're being portrayed inaccurately, but Tyler proceeded to go further by revealing that he often has second thoughts about his continued involvement with MTV.

Cate Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Asked by a fan if he's ever considered quitting Teen Mom, Tyler replied:

"Absolutely! I'm just a pawn for their ratings, which they will manipulate any storyline to get ratings."

Not surprisingly, several fans replied by expressing their belief that if Baltierra is so fed up with the series that made him rich and famous, he should follow through and actually resign.

"Seriously, then quit the show," wrote one viewer. "Have some integrity, get an actual job. Until then, stop complaining."

Once considered the reality franchise's most stable couple, Tyler and Catelynn have come under fire in recent weeks for a number of reasons.

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Some fans believe that the Baltierras are unfairly forcing the couple who adopted their first child to remain in the spotlight, and Tyler was slammed for fat-shaming Catelynn on a recent episode.

It's true that just about every longtime reality star has complained about how they're perceived by fans at one point or another.

But no one gripes about the way their show is shot and edited quite as much as the Teen Moms and the men in their lives.

The bizarre part is that unlike on other reality shows, Teen Mom producers frequently appear on camera and interact with the cast. 

In fact, last season, the show made waves as a result of a scene that showed Farrah Abraham hitting a producer during an argument.

It seems whether they like it or not the shows staff are increasingly becoming part of the drama.

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