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It is all over for the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson.

Earlier this week, following an embarrassingly disastrous three-year tenure as Team President, Jackson was let go by the terrible professional basketball team, saying in a statement that he was "disappointed" he never brought a title to the club.

Carmelo Anthony as a Knick

He didn’t even come close, of course.

The Knicks finished 32-50 two seasons ago and 31-51 last season and Jackson responded to those losing campaigns by taunting the team’s best player and threatening to trade its most promising young prospect.

He was a worse executive than Jenelle Evans is a mother.

And yet… while Jackson has parted ways with the Knicks, his firing may actually lead to a reconciliation between Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Anthony.

Confused? Scroll down. Allow us to explain why.

LaLa and Melo

The couple announced it was separating in mid-April, following about seven years of marriage.

A short while later, rumors circulated that Carmelo didn’t just cheat on LaLa… he actually impregnated his mistress!

We cannot verify this piece of scandalous chatter, but neither Carmelo nor LaLa has come out and denied the story.

The latter did recently state that her estranged husband is a good father to their young son, however, and no divorce proceedings have been finalized as of yet.

According to a Hollywood Life insider, the stars may even get back together.

"The stress that Phil has put on Carmelo the last few years really effected Carmelo’s personal life," the website alleges, explaining as follows:

"He wasn’t happy in his professional life and it made his personal life miserable as well. He basically took out his frustrations on La La."

See, Anthony has a no-trade clause in his contract.

However, over the past two years, Jackson has been taking passive aggressive and even blatant shots at Anthony, encouraging the star forward to waive this clause and accept a deal to another team.

(Nevermind the fact that Jackson is the one who gave Anthony the no-trade clause. What a moron.)

This is the "stress" to which the anonymous insider is referring above.

Anthony hasn’t been happy at work and was taking out his irritations at home.

Carmelo Anthony Shoots... and Scores?

"Carmelo has never wanted to leave New York," this source says. "That would have taken Carmelo away from his kid more and away from La La more."

Therefore, with Jackson out of the picture, Carmelo doesn’t need to worry about his job as much.

He doesn’t need to shake his head over his professional life any longer.

“Now that Phil is gone, it has made Carmelo so happy," Hollywood Life alleges, continuing:

"He wants La La back and things to be the way they were. Carmelo is confident that will be the case moving forward. And he is working on getting her back."

On June 26, in honor of LaLa’s birthday, Carmelo posted a glamourous photo of her to his Instagram, writing as a caption:

“You are as beautiful now as ever before!!! Sending birthday wishes to MY EARTH. Love You.”

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Come on now. Is there any doubt these two will get back together?

They really do seem to make for a winning pair, meaning they are the exact opposite of the team for which Carmelo will keep suiting up.