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Carmelo Anthony often shoots and scores for the New York Knicks.

That’s what he does best. The forward is an isolation specialist who is very good at putting the ball in the basket.

But did he recently shoot and score with a woman who isn’t his wife, putting his actual balls in her euphemistic basket to create a new life?

The Anthonys
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It’s possible, according to TMZ insiders.

As reported on Monday night, Carmelo and La La Anthony have separated after nearly seven years of marriage.

Word of the split came as somewhat of a surprise because we had not heard about any troubles in this relationship and because fans of Carmelo have assumed for awhile that he’s still a member of the Knicks largely due to La La’s influence.

She very much wants to be in New York in order to further her own career.

Therefore, despite his team’s struggles on the court and despite the team President openly saying he doesn’t want Carmelo to suit up for the Knicks anymore, the perennial All-Star has refused to waive his no-trade clause.

But clearly we were wrong.

Clearly Carmelo and La La have not been on the same page.

Carmelo Anthony at Work
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According to the initial report about this break-up, La La has already moved out and is now living in her own New York City apartment.

Also according to this initial report, the stars hung out last week at their son’s basketball game and are on amicable terms.

However, those reports may have been premature.

TMZ now claims that Carmelo has been cheating on La La with an unnamed dancer at a gentlemen’s club in The Big Apple.

Moreover, this stripper alleges that she’s six months pregnant with Carmelo’s child!

Whoa there, right?!? So much for this separation simply being due to a clash over where to live and whether or not Anthony will agree to a trade this summer.

Carmelo Anthony and La La in Cannes
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The mistress doesn’t necessarily expect to actually end up with Carmelo, or even for Carmelo to serve as an active parent in her impending child’s life.

But TMZ writes that she does want him to kick in for medical expenses and other baby-related costs.

(We’d hope Anthony would not need any prodding to act in this responsible manner, but you never know with men sometimes.)

Neither Carmelo nor La La (who is a good friend of Kim Kardashian and who has never been shy about her desire to be famous) has filed for divorce.

But the pregnant mistress is not a secret, sources confirm. La La knows all about it.

Therefore, the chances for reconciliation for Carmelo and his estranged wife are about as strong as the chances that the Knicks will win the NBA title next season.

(For those who do not follow professional basketball, those chances are non-existent.)