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Remember when Amber Portwood started dating Matt Baier, and everyone cautioned her about the seemingly endless red flags indicating that this guy was out to exploit her and put her through the emotional wringer?

Well, she finally saw the light, dumped Baier, and sent his freeloading ass packing.

We should probably just be grateful that Portwood realized what a douche-nozzle she was sharing her bed with before the wedding, but given how many warning signs she ignored, we can’t help but wonder – what was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back?

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic

There are countless theories, as Baier has done countless horrendous things that might have prompted Amber to cut him loose.

As is often the case with this sort of thing, it seems it wasn’t one issue, but a number of compounding problems.

When Amber found out Matt had been cheating, she didn’t dump him immediately, but it certainly didn’t help his case.

The same was true when she learned that Matt tried to give Catelynn Lowell drugs despite his repeated claims that he had been clean sober for several years.

But whether the specific issue of a given day was the fact that Matt may have been unfaithful or that he misled Amber about his drug use, it all boiled down to the same thing:

Amber slowly began to realize that Matt simply couldn’t be trusted.

Amber, Matt on Teen Mom OG

She confirmed this development in the recent Teen Mom: Unseen Moments special, after it was revealed that Matt keeps her license in his wallet and pays her bills.

“He took it upon himself,” she said, referring to Baier’s controlling ways.

“I realized it in the last few months that I’m not going to do that anymore. I’m going to take control of a lot more stuff.”

Obviously, exerting that sort of influence over another adult would be problematic no matter what the circumstances, but it was especially troubling when you consider Baier’s history of manipulation and dishonesty.

“He needs help,” Amber said at one point.

“If he wants this relationship to work he needs to change his lying.”

Matt Baier Season Six Teen Mom OG

Of course, the special appears to have been flimed before Amber kicked Matt out of her house, but sadly, she has stated in recent weeks that she’s open to the possibility of a reconciliation.

In an interview with host Nessa, Amber confirmed that she and Matt are no longer together, but she seemed unwillng to close the door on their relationship entirely:

“The Matt sh-t going on right now,” Amber stated.

“Because me and him aren’t quite together — not engaged any more. But, you know, it’s hard when you have something like bipolar and borderline together. It’s not good, you know? It’s not a good mix.”

Hopefully, watching the scenes she and Matt filmed several months ago has been enough to remind Amber of how toxic their relationship truly was.

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