Tommie Lee: Out of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!

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Tommie Lee is motherf-cking out of here.

To quote the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star herself.

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Via an Instagram live stream on Wednesday, the long-time VH1 star told fans that she's simply had it with the show and it's time for her to try something else in life.

Of course, Tommie Lee said this in her own, unique, expletive-filled way.

“I been going through so much shit since I’ve been on this shitt… I’ve came to the conclusion where I just don’t want to do this shit no more," Lee explained to her followers.

"To everybody that’s been watching me, to everybody that love the kid and all that, I will not be moving onto the next season."

Lee went on to explain that the program has simply added to a rift that already existed between her and her mother, with Karen King trying to mend the problems between daughter and parent on a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode two weeks ago.

Alas, the effort failed miserably.

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"My mama, I wanna apologize to my mama, I love my mama with all my motherf-cking heart," Lee said in her rant, adding:

"Everything I got, I worked for and I struggled, even this motherf-cking TV show. That shit's hard. I ain’t gon lie...

"Sorry baby, I will not be doing this shit anymore just because me, I’m so motherf-cking great that I will never give a motherf-cking opportunity to say they did anything for me.

"And I will never tear my family apart. So I bow out gracefully, I’m good."

But did she bow out gracefully?!?

Not according to a recent MediaTakeOut report.

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Sources claim that Lee and a fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member got into a legitimate fight in Jamaica this month.

VH1 and Viacom then got together and demanded that the producers fire Lee because they have zero tolerance for violence on the set and they believed that Lee was a threat to the other ladies.

Moreover, this same report alleges that Joseline Hernandez is considered the star of the franchise and actually gets a say on who gets to stick around and who must leave.

An insider says Joseline is not a fan of Lee because “while she respects the hustle, she was always fighting."

This insider expounds:

"Joseline nearly lost her mind when producers re-hired Tommie back for this season. She’s been scheming to get her fired ever since.

"If she did get her way and Tommie got cut, Joseline shouldn’t get too comfortable. I can’t imagine them kicking her off for good."

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In other words:

Take this entire scenario with a grain of salt the size of Kanye West's ego.

It may be a "work," as they say in the business, and plans may already be in the works for Lee to show up again next season in some kind of dramatic surprise.

You scoff and you shake your head, but admit it:

You would feel a need to watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online or on TV if you heard Lee was on her way back to confront Hernandez, wouldn't you?

Same here.

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