Teen Mom OG Recap: The Trust is Just Knot There

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Last night on Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 7, Tyler found out some new intel about Butch, and changed his outlook on life somewhat.

How did that help, or hurt, his wife Catelynn?

Meanwhile, Farrah questioned her mom's relationship with her fiancé, and Ryan clashed with Maci about where Bentley spends time.

Finally, Amber Portwood tried on wedding dresses, but it was not everything that she thought it would be. Quite the contrary in fact.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, or read any celebrity gossip all, you know that Amber's relationship with Matt Baier is ... tumultuous.

That's about as nicely as we can put it, too.

So perhaps it's fitting that amid real-time reports that Matt cheated on Amber and failed a lie detector test, we saw this Monday night:

Amber, trying on wedding dresses in preparation for what should be the most special day of her life, experiencing serious cold feet.

Amber Portwood Wedding Dress Tryout

While trying on a wedding gown with her neighbor and friend, Amber reflected to the MTV show’s producers about how far she's come.

No question, she and Matt Baier have gone through a lot already, and from the moment they met (and because of how they met, in part).

Beyond the fact that Matt Baier has 7-9 kids (accounts vary), the Teen Mom fanboy previously tried to bang Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham

Yeah. It doesn't get any less weird with time.

To many fans, watching Portwood become unsure if she wants to marry him anymore feels like a long time coming for a reason.

Whether this foreshadows the end of Amber and Matt, or whether they will ride this out and defy expectations as they have in the past?

Very much unclear. But it doesn't look good.

Amber Portwood, Matt Baier on Teen Mom: OG

These two make Farrah Abraham look borderline stable if that's possible, even as she's warring with her mother Debra (oh yes, again).

Debra is marrying a man whom she barely knows, in Farrah's mind, and the Teen Mom: OG star has obvious reservations about this.

Fortunately, Farrah and Debra found some common ground instead of Farrah telling her mom to f--king die like she sometimes does.

They bashed Farrah’s nanny. #Solidarity.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, Tyler received a call from his dad, Butch, looking to get in touch with Dr. Drew Pinsky to help him stop relapsing.

Dr. Drew, the MTV staple, admirably told Butch to get into a real program, as he never really committed to one after getting out of prison.

Free Butch!

Given the fact that he took some initiative at least, Tyler is more optimistic about his dad’s recovery and chances to turn things around.

After everything he's going through with Catelynn, the couple could use a little good fortune, and we hope this positive trend continues.

It's remarkable that they're doing so well, considering.

Finally, Ryan Edwards' family clashed with Maci Bookout when they heard she doesn’t want Bentley sleeping at Jen and Larry‘s anymore.

Maci's take was that her son should stay at his dad's house instead; Ryan and his fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, were equally livid though.

The future newlyweds refused to go to an Escape Room event with Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, as the tensions mounted.

Just when you thought they had turned a corner, too.

Larry started to go OFF about this as the cameras rolled, bashing Maci Bookout to the point where Jen had to get him to cool off a bit.

Perhaps this is why Ryan's fiancee got pissed at MTV before the season started? Does she think the network isn't telling the whole story.

It's unclear, but hopefully Edwards, Bookout and their respective families are able to iron out these disputes and move forward together.

Bentley should come first, after all.

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