Princess Charlotte: See the New Official Portrait!

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We interrupt the latest talk over Kate Middleton's next child to bring you an update on one of her current children.

And that update is twofold:

  1. Princess Charlotte is about to turn two years old.
  2. Princess Charlotte is adorable!
Kate Middleton and Prince William at the Marathon

Middleton and her handsome husband, Prince William, have released a new official photo of their daughter, just one day before she celebrates a birthday.

In the precious snapshot, which was taken by her beloved mother  on the grounds of the family’s Norfolk home, Charlotte’s longer hair is held back by a medium-sized navy bow.

She's rocking a yellow cardigan that is perfect for the spring.

And she has an inscrutable, half-smirk across her lips that makes little Charlotte look older than she really is.

See for yourself:

Princess Charlotte

In a statement, William and Kate said they were “delighted to share” the photo, as they thanked “everyone for all of the lovely messages they have received, and hope that everyone enjoys this photograph of Princess Charlotte as much as they do."

Here is the statement in full:

"The Duke and Duchess are very pleased to share this photograph as they celebrate Princess Charlotte's second birthday.

Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank everyone for all of the lovely messages they have received, and hope that everyone enjoys this photograph of Princess Charlotte as much as they do."

Charlotte, of course, has a brother named George and her parents have done an admirable job shielding both of these toddlers from the spotlight.

The last time we heard from Charlotte, in fact, she had just turned a year old.

Last May, Middleton and William also released a few new portraits of Charlotte, with the one immediately below likely being our favorite of the bunch:

Princess Charlotte: Pretty in Pink

Kensington Palace has not yet revealed how the family plans to celebrate Charlotte's birthday tomorrow.

But you can guess how the Internet will celebrate the occasion:

By searching like crazy for stories about Kate Middleton being pregnant and trying to determine for certain whether the Duchess is once again expecting a Royal Cutie.

In general, this has been a big year for Charlotte.

She traveled on her first royal tour in September... and the world got their first glimpse at her fun and independent personality during her first public playdate in Canada.

There was also a publicized walk to church on Christmas morning, which preceded what will be her most-watched walk to date:

On May 20, Charlotte will serve as a bridesmaid in aunt Pippa Middleton's wedding.

We're already dying of cuteness just thinking about it.

For a complete look at Charlotte's most precious picture, click on the photo gallery above.

But consider yourself warned:

This will ruin the rest of your day. You will stop being productive once you get a look at various images of this famous munchkin above. She's just that adorable!

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