Jeremy Calvert: Cheating on Brooke Wehr! Back With Leah Messer?!

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As fans who watch Teen Mom 2 online know, Leah Messer has gone through some seriously ugly breakups during her time on the show.

While she certainly has her share of sympathetic fans, Messer usually takes the majority of the blame for messy endings to messy relationships.

Leah Dawn Photo

Now, however, there's reason to believe that everything she said about her second ex-husband being a less-than-stellar partner was true.

Earlier this year, Jeremy Calvert's relationship with Brooke Wehr - his longtime girlfriend turned fiancee - publicly exploded in epic fashion.

It wasn't immediately clear why, but Wehr accused Calvert of cheating on her with TM2 producer Mandi Venturino "and about 1,000 other people."

One of those people, it seems, was Wehr's BFF, Leeann Chapman.

Brooke publicly exposed the alleged affair on Instagram Saturday:

Brooke Wehr Instagram

And because this is 2017, a time in which everything we do leaves a digital paper trail, she came equipped with receipts to prove it.

Yes, Brooke claims the above text message screen shot is proof positive that Calvert carried on a months-long affair with Chapman.

In her subsequent description of the illicit relationship, Brooke doesn't let either of the the cheating parties off easy:

"Here’s part of the truth since everybody wants to call me a liar and cheater and everything else," Wehr wrote.

"Here’s a screenshot between my best f--king friend Leeann and Jeremy who had been hooking up behind my back."

According to Brooke, this had been going on "the whole f--king time we were together," which is pretty incredible if true.

Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert Pic

Between work, his daughter, Brooke, and traveling a long way for each, how would the guy even have time for a side piece? Just asking.

In any case, Wehr (pictured with Calvert, above) added:

"Sucks that I just found this out. These two sorry excuses for human beings are literally the scum of the earth! @leeannchappell"

Wow. Regardless of his side of the story, we think it's probably safe to say that Calvert and Wehr are officially dunz-o at this point.

But that doesn't mean he'll be shacking up with Leeann any time soon ... because this story is about to take another crazy twist here.

In fact, there's reason to believe he might be in the process of reuniting with his Teen Mom 2 star and beleaguered baby mama:

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Pic

Yes, the West Virginia pipeline engineer and father of Leah's daughter Adalynn has apparently been spending some time with her lately.

Several photos of Calvert and Messer hanging out popped up on Leah's Instagram page over the weekend, raising plenty of eyebrows.

Some fans are convinced the former couple is on the verge of getting back together, and based on these images, and his breakup?

One can at least see how those rumors got started. Apparently Calvert was on hand to help Leah celebrate her 25th birthday, no less.

Do you go to a birthday party of an ex you hate?

Of course, the MTV star seemed to anticipate that fans would jump to conclusions, and she attempted to preemptively quash any rumors.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Together?

“Just a little fun, that’s all!!!!" Leah captioned the pic.

It seemed to be her way of assuring fans that she and Jeremy are still just friends and co-parents, but not getting back together romantically.

Not that we would expect fans to simply drop it. This is Teen Mom 2 we're talking about ... the fandom is as obsessed as any out there.

Obligatory rumors about Messer and Calvert getting back together have been circulating pretty much non-stop from the time they broke up.

No matter what she says or does, Leah rarely has much success in dousing the wildfire of speculation that frequently engulfs her life.

Don't expect that trend to change this time around.

As for Brooke Wehr ... she's hot, but not as hot as the tempers that flared between herself and Jeremy ever since those two got together.

Maybe it's for the best if this breakup takes.

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