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On Saturday, Pippa Middleton married James Matthews in a relatively low-key (by semi-royal standards) ceremony in Berkshire County.

Leading up to the nuptials, there was a considerable amount of debate as to whether Pippa should invite Meghan Markle to her wedding.

Meghan Markle in 2015
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Some believed extending an invite would be a lovely way to make Meghan feel welcome in her strange new world.

Others contended that Meghan would overshadow Pippa on what was to her big day.

Ultimately, a compromise was reached and it was decided (and probably decreed by a dude with a flugelhorn and a parchment) that Meghan would attend the reception, but not the ceremony.

There. Now that all that Pippa business is over with, we can get back to obsessing over what the British tabloid media is really interested in these days:

We’re talking, of course, about the question of when Harry will propose to Meghan.

Meghan Markle Red Carpet Image
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Yes, we’re gone from "if" to "when" on this one, folks.

At this point, there’s no question that this is Harry’s most serious relationship to date, and it seems putting a royal ring on it is a foregone conclusion.

According to People magazine, those who had been holding onto lingering doubts that Harry was in it for the long haul stood corrected after witnessing the couple’s behavior at Pippa’s reception.

“Harry was being the perfect gentleman with Meghan,” one onlooker tells the mag.

“He wants her to acclimatize to it all. It’s such a whole different world to move into — there’s so much to get used to.”

Prince Harry Rocks a Suit
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Even the former skeptics are now on board with the idea that we’ll be seeing another royal wedding in the near future, but it might be a while before Harry pops the question.

Naturally, there’s no shortage of rumors as to why he’s holding off.

Some say he wants to wait for the dust to settle from Pippa’s wedding, so as not to steal her thunder.

Others say Harry is waiting on the Queen’s permission to propose.

But hey, maybe he’s just following in the family footsteps and planning to make Meghan wait so long that she becomes an international punchline.

‘Tis a grand tradition.