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Last night on a heated Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 11, Scrappy was on the friggin’ warpath, vying to uncover the truth.

Whilst that crucial quest was underway, Joseline Hernandez tried to grasp the fact she was a mother now, and adjust her life accordingly.

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Was she able to do so?

When the episode got underway, Joseline was on her way to meet up with Jessica and Melissa. Her plan? To let them know she had given birth to a beautiful daughter named Bonnie. 

She also wanted to let them know about Stevie being around, as opposed to running off and burying his head in the sand. 

Melissa asks “So how are you and Stevie going to do this? Are you going to co-parent?” Joseline says “I don’t know if we are going to co-parent.”

Um, alright then. 

Joseline Hernandez on The Real

Melissa then opened up to Joseline about Tommie’s wine tasting event. 

“You were the subject of a fight. Tommie got mad and came across the table.”

Joseline says “I missed a lot while I was away giving birth to Bonnie.”

Melissa asks Joseline “What about you and Karlie? Can you make up?” Joseline says “I don’t have a problem with Karlie. She just has a big mouth.” Melissa says “Do you think that you can sit down and have a conversation with her?”

While that was going down, Karlie and Joc met up to discuss whether their relationship was going to be fine. 

Karlie says, “You are the only man who truly gets me and makes me feel our of my element and you hurt me when you did what you did with Tommie.”

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Joc says, “Listen I never smashed Tommie. I figured that she was using me to get back at you.”

Just like that, their relationship was back on track. 

Meanwhile, Rasheeda was pissed about what Shirleen did at Scrappy’s party and went on the warpath. 

Rasheeda says, “Was that your idea or Momma Dee’s?”

Shirleen says “It was both of our ideas.”

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Rasheeda tells her mom “It’s bad enough that I have eyes looking at me everywhere I go, and there are whispers. I went to the party to escape all of that and what you did brought it all to the forefront.”

Shirleen tells Rasheeda “You need to make some decisions about what you’re going to do because Kirk is going around Atlanta embarrassing you. He’s telling people all about your lack of sex life and all of that.”

Rasheeda gets annoyed and says “He’ll say whatever he has to in order to throw shade on someone else for the stuff he did.”

Joseline then met up with Stevie. 

She tells him “I have to go to LA.” He asks her “For what?” She tells him “I’m doing The Real.” He asks “Are you going to cut me in?”

Joseline says “No.” Stevie says “So you’re gonna leave the baby with me while you going to LA.” Joseline says “No. Who is going to help you take care of the baby?” Stevie says “I have all the kids staying at the house with me.”

Stevie J Chomps on Cigar

However, Joseline did not want the older kids around her daughter because they were always trying to fight her. 

Joseline and Karlie met up to try and fix their friendship, but it went horribly. 

“Karlie you didn’t just get messy you have always been messy," Joseline begins. "You are the mouth of the south.”

Karlie is silent for a beat but then opens up. “Now that you have had your chance to talk congratulations on the baby.”

It then descended into another argument. Will this ever end?

What did you think of it all?