David Eason: Jenelle Evans is the Best Mom EVER!!!

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It's been an extraordinarily rough week for Jenelle Evans ... and it's only Tuesday.

Things got off to a rocky start when Jenelle's feud with David Eason's sister escalated in a social media shoot-out over the weekend.

Shortly thereafter, Jenelle revealed that her mother was preventing her from seeing her son Jace on Mother's Day.

Jenelle Evans Mother's Day Image

Once again, she broke the news to fans using her preferred medium: the unhinged social media tirade.

In between going off on Eason's sister and tearing into her own mother, Jenelle took some time to express gratitude for the love and support of her fiance and three children.

Eason has stood by Evans during her most recent difficulties, and he recently offered encouragement and praise in a lengthy Instagram post:  

“Thank you babe for being such a great mother to our children! They love you so much and even Maryssa is completely attached to you now! I don't know where I would be without your love and compassion,” he wrote.

“You are the sweetest person I know and you deal with more crap from people and kids on a daily basis than most people would be able to handle.

Jenelle Evans With David Eason's Daughter

"You are always such a loving and caring person and you are always sure to pay attention to other people's feelings. Thank you mostly for just being yourself babe, you are so perfect!”

Nice of Eason to offer some kind words during a tumultuous time in Jenelle's life, but 1. Every time in Jenelle's life is tumultuous, and 2. As with everything involving the Carolina Hurricane, there's some serious shade and a bit of weirdness here.

For starters, Eason claims Jenelle's kids from her first two baby daddies as his own, which would be weird under any circumstances, but is especially strange considering Eason is a jerk to Jenelle's kids.

On top of that, Eason is clearly gushing about Jenelle's relationship with his daughter in response to her online feuds with his sister and his baby mama, and just feels trashy to involve kids in that way.

Jenelle Evans Engagement Pic

He concluded his online love-fest with a photo of Jenelle and a caption reading:

“You are so great to my baby, she looks up to you."

If the thought of a young woman looking up to Jenelle Evans doesn't keep you up nights, we don't know what will.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more reminders that Jenelle is the living embodiment of dysfunction.

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