Kylie Jenner: This Is What My Hair REALLY Looks Like!

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Throughout her relatively brief career as the queen of Instagram, Kylie Jenner has been praised for a number of enviable virtues.

Fans say they admire Kylie's beauty, her fashion sense, her business acumen, and her clear affection for her friends and family.

But you won't find many folks with anything positive to say about Kylie's physical authenticity.

Kylie Jenner as a Cowboy

You've probably heard the many Kylie Jenner plastic surgery rumors that have made the rounds online in recent years, and while it seems obvious the 19-year-old has had extensive work done, she continues to deny going under the knife.

Kylie admits to enhancing her famous pout with "temporary lip fillers" but she swears that's the only medical "enhancement" that she's received.

As for other, more temporary beauty hacks, such as wigs, fake eyelashes, etc., there's not an ounce of shame in Kylie's game.

Like her sisters, she freely admits that she spends the GDP of a small nation on other people's hair over the course of a single year.

Kylie rocks more wigs than the cast of The Americans, and it's possible that she's joked that some of her fans probably have to idea what her real mane looks like:

So there it is.

A tad anti-climactic, no?

Kylie assures fans that this is her real hair, and, well ... we have no reason to doubt her, because it totally just looks like a head of hair.

We're not sure what we were expecting - a few bald patches? A Ronald McDonald-esque red afro?

We really would've accepted anything other than "Kylie Jenner's usual hair, except slightly shorter."

Kylie Jenner for Instagram

That doesn't mean the brief clip is a total disappointment, however.

We get a rare glimpse of Kylie un-made inhumanly ginormous lips, which is always interesting.

They're usually shellacked with several layers of one of her famous lip kit shades so when we see them bare, it's like we're looking at something private that was supposed to stay that way.

You almost can't help but turn away, like if you walked in on your grandmother or locked eyes with your cat while he's doing some serious deep-cleaning.

This has been your weekly installment of Devoting Way Too Much Thought to Kylie Jenner's Instagram Page.

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