Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Farrah Abraham: Her Vagina is HUGE!

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There have been lots of great Teen Mom feuds in the past, and for obvious reasons, they usually involve Farrah Abraham in some form.

The latest might be one of the ugliest beefs the franchise has ever seen, though ... it's an understatement to say this escalated quickly.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran in Bridal Shop

While Farrah has yet to fire a salvo in this explosive back and forth, the firebrand is currently at the heart of some serious trash talk.

It all started during Monday night's episode of Teen Mom: OG when a fan cracked a joke about Farrah's now-infamous mini-horse, Starburst.

That caught the attention of Farrah's boyfriend, Simon Saran, who - when he's not fighting with Farrah - doubles as a full-time Internet troll.

"Stop being a hater. Go protest at a zoo or sea world," he tweeted.

"Sea World is at @KailLowry's house, right?" the fan responded.

That's when things really got ugly.

Simon has a history of trash-talking other stars of the Teen Mom franchise, but we don't think he's ever gone in on one of the ladies quite like this:

Simon Beef

As you can see, Kailyn defended herself, and the conversation quickly went from zero to over-the-top disgusting.

Saran went full-Trump, bashing Lowry for everything from her failed relationships to her alleged promiscuity:

“Sure, if you are looking to free Shamu!” Simon said in response to the aforementioned Sea World comment.

As usual, Saran made up the more nauseating half of the conversation, but Kailyn crossed a few lines too.

“Shamu is almost as wide as your girlfriend’s vag," she tweeted in obvious reference to Farrah Abraham.

“Or as wide as the door your baby daddy ran through when he heard you were pregnant! Got a baby by buster lol,” Saran fired back.


Kailyn Lowry Graduates!

As fans of the franchise likely know, Kailyn is expecting her third child, but does not have a relationship with the baby's father.

So it was a low blow on his part, but ... so is this:

“At least he didn’t have curtains to run through," Lowry replied, once again presumably in reference to Farrah's vagina.

“Girl everyone has ran through you!” Saran shot back.

“Bc I’m a hoe & white trash right? I’ve heard it all. You can get your balls out of Farrah’s purse now," Kailyn responded.

Saran didn't respond to that right away, but several fans fired off remarks about Kailyn cheating on Javi Marroquin.

Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran MTV Movie Awards Photo

Rumors that the Teen Mom 2 star was unfaithful while her U.S. Air Force husband was deployed overseas ran rampant last year.

It's a sensitive topic that was never really resolved, so for obvious reasons, Lowry was in no rush to respond to those allegations.

Simon wasn't about to let a cheap shot pass, though.

“Roll call! Line em up! Probably 100 mother f--kers in that lineup. That whole damn football team," Saran eventually replied.

While Kailyn Lowry's past romances and love life in general have sparked plenty of controversy, that's taking it a bit far, no?

It seems that was the end of the conversation for now, but considering it's these two, you can bet there's more to come.

As always, you can watch Teen Mom: OG online to see just how absurd the cartoon characters known as Simon and Farrah have become.

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