Kailyn Lowry Pregnant: Who is the Baby Daddy?

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After weeks of speculation, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry confirmed that she's pregnant with her third child.

Like Jenelle Evans before her, Kailyn initially denied that she was knocked up, and it's unclear what her endgame was there.

After all, it's not the kind of secret that you can keep for very long.

Kailyn Lowry on MTV

Also like Jenelle, Kailyn's child was sired by her third baby daddy.

Unlike Ms. Evans, however, we don't know the name of the father of Kailyn's kid yet.

However, as Kailyn learned when she tried to keep her pregnancy on the down-low, we're living in a post-privacy era, and the Teen Mom girls' secrets don't usually stay secret for long.

Based on information gleaned from the show and her social media profiles, fans have formed some theories as to the identity of Kailyn's baby daddy, and they seemed to have narrowed the suspects down to two:

Kailyn Lowry, Two Sons

First, there's Tyler Hill, whom Kailyn allegedly cheated on Javi Marroquin with while Javi was deployed with the Air Force.

In an episode of TM2, Tyler texted Kailyn while she was FaceTiming with her overseas husband, and fans were quick to screenshot the exchange and tweet it to Javi:

"Oh interesting, same guy from last season," Marroquin replied.

Javi never explicitly confirmed that Kailyn cheated on him with Hill, but when asked about the guy later, he had a rather interesting response:

Kailyn Selfie

“I found out a lot of things while I was overseas that was a deal breaker," Javi told an interviewer.

"It was too much damage that can’t be undone.”

Another candidate is Teen Mom 2 producer J.C. Cueva.

Fans of the show have noted that Kailyn and J.C. seem to have a particularly close bond.

When asked about their working relationship (and the possibility that it might be more) in a recent interview, Cueva suddenly became evasive:

Kailyn, Lincoln and Isaac

“I think I have a really good relationship with Kail,” he said back in December. “I was a new person coming in; her previous field producer had been with her for years and years."

"I had big shoes to fill, but I think I did a good job. I joke around with her a lot."

He added:

"She likes me as a person, but she hates that I have to be a producer sometimes. We get along really great, and I think she respects me.”

It remains unclear why Kailyn flat-out lied about being pregnant in a recent statement issued to media outlets, but now that the cat's out of the bag, we imagine the announcement of who the father is probably coming soon.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the many ups and downs that brought Kailyn to where she is today.

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