Counting On Season 4 Preview: What Can We Expect From the Duggars Now?

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As always, there's an absurd amount of rumors and speculation surrounding the Duggar family in the lead-up to the Counting On Season 4 premiere.

Fans want to know if Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child, something that has basically been considered a foregone conclusion.

Yet one that hasn't been confirmed ... yet.

Card-carrying members of Duggar Nation are also wondering when, not if, we will get to see Joy-Anna Duggar marry Austin Forsyth.

The wedding took place over Memorial Day weekend, but details have been kept strictly hush-hush.

And of course, viewers are curious as to whether the family will keep Josh Duggar off camera this time around ... or if he'll finally make his Counting On debut.

Rumors of Josh Duggar's return to television have run rampant in recent weeks, though TLC has yet to officially confirm it's happening.

Oh, and if all that drama wasn't enough for you, it was briefly rumored that Jana Duggar was courting Jonathan Hartono, a development that would've likely be the most popular in the show's long history.

Sadly, these days, looks like that Jana and Jonathan are keeping things on a "just friends" basis.

Still, we're sure Counting On will address the topic of Jana's love life and her fraught friendship with Hartono.

Check out the gallery below for a full rundown of what we can expect when the show returns June 12 ... if you can even handle it all!

1. Jinger Loves Being Married

Jinger Loves Being Married
"Married life is the best thing ever," Jinger says when asked. We guess she's a big fan of those front-hugs!

2. Austin Forsyth Gets Down on One Knee

Austin Forsyth Gets Down on One Knee
We already know how this turns out. But seeing the big moment is still certain to give Duggar fans a thrill.

3. Joy-Anna and Austin: Wedding Talk

Joy-Anna and Austin: Wedding Talk
Joy-Anna and Austin open up about their future together. But will we finally get to seem them tie the knot?

4. Joy-Anna Gets Blindfolded

Joy-Anna Gets Blindfolded
Looks like Austin Forsyth went all out with his proposal to Joy-Anna. Like, really - whatever you or your significant other did is sure to look lame by comparison.

5. The Dillards: Headed Back to Central America!

The Dillards: Headed Back to Central America!
Sure, Jill is pregnant and Derick's been having health problems, but that won't stop the Dillards from heading back to Central America! Yes, it looks like this season will feature another tearful goodbye.

6. Joseph Goes a Courting

Joseph Goes a Courting
Joseph Duggar asks Kendra Caldwell's father for permission to court her. It's a major step in Duggar Land.

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