Josh Duggar: HIDING in Rehab Until Sex Scandal Blows Over, Afraid to Come Home?

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Disgraced reality star Josh Duggar has been hiding out in a secluded, sex addiction rehab program in Illinois for half a year now. 

All the while, his scorned and long-suffering wife Anna Duggar is raising their four children on her own, toiling away until his return.

When will that be? No one knows. But it's not cool.

Anna, who's homeschooling the couple's children, is effectively a single mom who has borne all the responsibilities of child-rearing.

Granted, she was doing the bulk of the work before while Josh was looking at online porn and cruising Ashley Madison for mistresses.

(Reports that Josh got Anna Duggar pregnant during a conjugal visit appear to be false; Anna would have a hard time hiding it this long.)

In any case ... what is Josh's deal at this point?

For a man supposedly focused on recovery, and desperate to save his marriage, one wonders what the hell he's still doing in rehab.

Yes, we know that an addict can't change his ways overnight, and whatever special "program" he's in should be given time to take hold.

In reality, all men are kind of sex addicts though.

Some just choose to have respect for their wives and not go on Ashley Madison and/or pay strippers for rough sex. Just food for thought.

Regardless of the merits of sex addiction rehab, it's been six months. Is it not time for him to return to his marriage and help heal that?

Given that first-timers usually stay in rehab for 30, 60 or 90 days, the only logical conclusion is that Duggar is using "rehab" as an excuse.

Whether he's been stashed away by his parents or staying put of his own volition, this reeks of a strategy to stay out of the public eye.

And it's borderline shameful if you ask us.

Yes, the longer Josh stays out of the public eye, the more we talk about Jana Duggar and Jill's second pregnancy (supposedly) instead.

But for a dude you would think is eager to change his image - that of a hypocrite, and terrible husband and father - it's a fine line indeed.

The Duggars reportedly lost a staggering $25 million in 2015 due to lost book deals, endorsements and speaking engagements.

Josh was to blame for that, and also did some bad things, so the Duggars' desire to distance themselves is understandable. To a degree.

Except for the fact that 1. Anna Duggar suffers for it, and 2. Money and power seem to matter most to this supposedly virtuous family.

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