Jaden Smith: The Four Seasons Tried to Kill Me with Pancakes!

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Jaden Smith has said some very strange things ever since he entered the public domain.

Like, some VERY strange things.

He once swore he was a vampire, for example.

Jaden Smith at the MET Gala

He also wore a Batman costume to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding and claimed to have done so in the name of protection.

But the following barrage of Tweets from Will and Jada's only son may take the cake.

The pancake, as the case may be.

This past Saturday, the 18-year old fired up the old social media machine and went OFF about his experience at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto in Canada.

According to the actor and occasional rapper, he had a worse time there than movie goers had while watching After Earth.

That's what happens when an establishment kicks you out and attempts to murder you.

Jaden Smith and His Date

Spending time up north to film Life In A Year, Smith shared a number of strange and angry messages over the weekend, making it clear he was bothered by how the hotel treated him.

FIRST: The Four Seasons In Toronto Just Made Me Want to Throw Up On MySelf.

THEN: I Hope The Four Seasons In Toronto Puts Me On The No Stay List.

AND THEN: The Four Seasons In Toronto Spiked My Pancakes With Cheese, I'm Surprised I'm Still Alive.

AND FINALLY:  After They Kicked Me Out Of My Room.

Smith, who brought his hair as his date to the MET Gala in New York City on May 1, has always been a bit of an eccentric.

But what prompted these cryptic Tweets and complaints?

jaden tweets

According to impressive E! News research, Jaden asked to stay an extra day at The Four Seasons on Saturday.

The staff, however, was unable to accommodate this request, partly because The Weeknd was in town for a concert and folks around there love that native son.

The place was simply booked, so Smith was less "kicked out" and more "required to leave based on the agreement he made when he checked into the hotel previously for an establishment set of dates."

What about the whole cheese-spiking comment?

This particular Four Seasons location serves a breakfast item described as "Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes."

Perhaps Jaden read the name of the dish too quickly? And is allergic to cheese? And thought there was some grand conspiracy afoot to make him fall very ill?


It's difficult to say.

It's nearly always difficult to say when trying to interpret a Tweet from Jaden Smith.

Not that we're complaining. Quite the opposite, in fact.

As you can see below, this teenager keeps us curious, busy and entertained with his Tweeter account.

We wish all celebrities would to that!

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