Jenelle Evans Continues to Slam David Eason's Sister on Facebook!

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Last week, we reported on the bizarre and very public feud between Jenelle Evans and the sister of David Eason.

David, of course, is Jenelle's fiance and the father of her third child.

One would think that Jenelle would do her damnedest to stay on his family's good side - at least until the wedding - but Jenlle's never been one to avoid setting fire to her own life.

Jenelle Evans Waist Trains

So in a situation where sane, rational adults who are currently in the process of trying to win back custody of their eldest son might have eased up on the hate (or at least kept it off social media) Jenelle doubled down.

The folks over at Starcasm have been watching the situation closely, and it seems that things died down for a while - until, of course, Jenelle decided to fire a shot out of nowhere.

Over the weekend, David's other sister, April, wrote a lengthy Facebook post about the importance of family. 

Jenelle being Jenelle, she took the opportunity to trash-talk her rival, Jessica:

“Think about your actions wisely before losing your entire family,” Jenelle wrote on Facebook.

Jenelle Evans Fake Baby

“#FamilyFirst not #FamilySecond … there’s a huge difference.”

As much as people usually love being threatened with the loss of their entire family, Jenelle's comment didn't go over well:

"Does this makes sense to anyone?" Jessica shot back.

"We have our family. April David Amber and Jamie are our family. And Ensley is my niece. Youre the one losing Jen!"

After being egged on by some commenters, Jessica went on:

Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and Ensley Jolie

"Girl I could say some stuff but ima back off the Lil ho for now.. But if I see another negative word out that things mouth or finger tips.. It will be #onlikedonkeykong"

She added:

"Did she think MY sister April Marie was gonna say something nice to her? Hahahaha"

Believe it or not, Jessica didn't stop there, and she's on the verge of doing the impossible: making Jenelle look like the sane one in a conflict.

Jenelle Facebook Feud

Jessica posted the above status, presumably just in case anyone still wasn't clear about her feelings toward Jenelle.

Urban Dictionary provides this helpful definition of "mud duck":

"An atrocious-looking female. This girl has to be so horrible that she doesn’t even qualify as a duck."

Jessica went on to remind us of what really started all of this - her continued friendship with David's first baby mama, Olivia:

"Olivia and Kaden (my nephew and his mom) came to visit and Jenelle got so jealous she’s on oxygen but seriously. Then in retaliation she begins posting a bunch of weird sh*t!"

Jenelle Opens Up

Amazingly, all of this time, Jenelle was playing it relatively cool, clapping back passive-aggressively by posting an unflattering article about Jessica with a caption reading, "I'm done."

But, of course, she wasn't done:

"She’s always wanted to be “on tv”. Maybe that’s why she’s mad," Jenelle wrote.

"Davids brother and her have been asking david when they can film and they should have their own show. Her saying this doesn’t even surprise me."

She added:

"She must be on xanax being as angry as she was in my voicemail lmfao."

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Selfie

Yes, Jenelle has decided to take this thing into "she's on drugs" territory.

She went on to accuse Jessica of repeatedly calling and threatening her, writing:

"I have kids and she has 5 kids like damn just stop already. She fist fought a kid while 7 months pregnant and now her son has cerebral palsy. She needs to stop being such an angry person and stay sober. Drugs make everyone so angry it’s crazy."

She added that unless she publicly apologizes, Jessica won't be invited to her and David's wedding.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like that apology is forthcoming:

Jenelle Evans Baby Photo

"All she has to do is bow down and call me the queen and I might forgive her. Maybee," Jessica wrote.

Stock up on popcorn, folks.

This one may go on a while.

We'll have further updates as this thing develops.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all of Jenelle's most bonkers moments.

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