Ariel Winter Slammed for Racy New Photo: Is Photoshop to Blame?!

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Ariel Winter is a beautiful person. Really, just absolutely gorgeous.

She's hotter than lava, friends, that's the point we're getting at here.

Ariel Winter Red Carpet Image

One of the nice things about Ariel is that she seems to be an "if you got it, flaunt it" type of lady -- she has a killer body, and she's not afraid to show it off.

We've seen in her more bikinis than we can count, and we've appreciated each and every one.

But for some reason, when Ariel shared her latest racy photo, she got a whole lot of hate for it.

Once you get over the beauty, see if you see any issue with what's going on in this new pic:

Ariel Winter Short Shorts

It's her leg! She's got a wonky leg. Her left leg -- the one on the right in the photo, if you get confused -- is oddly blurry on the outside.

You can see it best on her calf and up towards her knee. It looks a little funny, right?

And Ariel's followers were quick to point out the issue.

"Photoshopped thighs," one person pointed out. "Come on now."

Another person said Ariel was "doing a Beyonce with the photoshop fail," because "no thighs are that wonky."

Ariel Winter Underboob Image

Yet another perplexed follower wrote "But don't remember you being so skinny, was this photo shopped? Either way, the real you is what I find amazingly pretty."

And to that comment, Ariel herself responded with "This is the real me. I don't photoshop my photos. People look different at different angles."

Which is true, obviously, but it still doesn't totally explain those weird blurry lines on her leg, does it?

Those lines weren't all this girl got hate for, either -- she also received comments about her clothes and her weight.

Ariel Winter: See-Through Top Photo

"Do you ever wear clothes that are your size and not the size of a 5 year old? I'm just saying," one bitter soul wrote.

"What happened to your thickness??" another asked. "Don't like skinny."

"You might as well just walk around in a bra & thong or bikini at this point cause nobody is paying attention to your acting when you do this... it's kind of sad almost, like don't you get enough attention?"

"It's a lucky angle. In all paparazzi pics of her out and about she always looks short, wide and stumpy with no neck."


Ariel Winter and Her Boobs at Coachella

Ariel Winter is a gift to this world, OK? A gift.

Maybe she tweaks some of her photos a little, maybe she doesn't. Maybe she's lost a little weight, maybe she's got a less conservative fashion sense than most.

But she is still a person. A super, super hot person.

And she deserves more respect than this.

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