Ariel Winter Posts Butt, Bikini Selfies For Valentine's Day

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If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram, you know that the girl basically lives in a bikini. 

The northern half of the country may still be looking at another month or so of winter weather, but it's endless summer in Winter's world, as the actress continues to take advantage of wall-free access to Mexico.

Much to the chagrin of her many, many creepily obsessed followers, Ariel is still dating Levi Meaden, and the couple celebrated Valentine's Day with a swimwear-clad trip to Cabo.

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden Instagram Pic

As you can see, it was a fully hands-on experience, as Ari and Levi started getting into it as though there wasn't a third person in the room snapping photos.

Like every pic she posts, this latest probably won't hurt Ariel's online popularity (butts and bikinis are reliably two of the Internet's favorite things), but it might not do a whole lot to help Meaden build his own following.

You see, for some reason, Meaden is not especially well-liked by some folks on social media.

And by "for some reason" we mean that he has regular access to Ariel Winter's boobs, and approximately 2.8 of her 2.9 million Instagram followers are basement-dwelling pervs.

Ariel Winter Valentine's Day Pic

He seems to treat her well, and she appears to be happy in the relationship, but for some strange reason (see boobs comment above) some folks are rooting for a breakup.

Of course, it's possible there's something more here, but we doubt it.

The ten-year age difference is verging on creepy, considering Ariel is only 19, but she and Levi started dating sometime in the past year, so this isn't a Tyga-Kylie situation where age of consent laws come into play.

Nevertheless, fans are looking for signs of friction between these two, and we don't mean the kind of friction that obviously took place south of the border yesterday.

Ariel Winter From the Back

And we mean south of the actual border between the U.S. and Mexico. Entendre overload!

As several fans pointed out, if Ariel and Levi decided to call it quits on this trip (doesn't look like that's happening), it wouldn't be the first time Ari ended a relationship in Mexico.

It's been rumored that Ariel and Laurent Claude Gaudette broke up during a vacay in Cabo.

"Mexico? Uh oh didnt she break up with her last BF after Mexico?" one fan commented on the pic above, leading others to echo the speculation.

We're gonna go out on a limb here and guess that these two are doing just fine.

Sorry, Instagram weirdos!

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