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On Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 5, the embattled Joseline Hernandez assembled her friends to ask them for a favor.

Not just any favor. An extremely important one.

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Did this involve Stevie at all by any chance?

Come on. If you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta online even a little bit, you know that Hit Man Steven Jordan is never far from drama.

We begin, though, with Yung Joc talking to his pals about his issues with Jasmine and her baby, and how she thinks it’s Kirk Frost’s.

Joc did bone Jasmine, but he used protection.

Kirk claims the same thing, though, but Joc mentions how the baby looks like him. These are the quandaries that happen on LHHA.

Mimi and Joseline meet up, meanwhile, and the former asks Joseline to be her VIP client and help spread the word about her shop.

Joseline candidly says she has no friends.

Joseline Calls Wedding Off

Mimi mentions Tommie’s name when talking about their mutual friends, or acquaintances, and Joseline tells her to watch her back basically.

At the same time, Joseline is trying to put together a video to unite the ladies; Melissa thinks that this is a horrible idea for a simple reason:

No one likes Joseline, who has no friends.

Tresure, meanwhile, meets up with Moriah and Lovely Mimi meet up to clear the air, until the topic turns to one of Joc’s baby mamas.

Always an uncomfortable topic, for real.

Kirk Frost, the baby daddy to end all baby daddies, sets out to talk to Rasheeda about their relationship, wanting to get back together.

Rasheeda seems to be way past that.

Rasheeda Frost Pic

Melissa, Karlie and Tammy meet regarding Joseline’s music video for her song “Baby Daddy,” which none of them want anything to do with.

Karlie Redd says don’t get her wrong, she would be open to seeing the “new” Joseline and might reconsider. She just doesn’t see it, yet.

Rod, Jasmine and Keanna, the Stripper Sister Wives, look for an apartment when Keanna tells them Joc said he had sex with Jasmine.

Jasmine says that is simply false.

Rod wants to meet with Joc about it, though, so clearly there’s some tension there; Moriah, meanwhile, meets with Shooter on the DL.

Shooter is the married man she has been sleeping with … and basically soft-blackmailing into helping her out, so there’s that aspect.

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Later, Jasmine tells Joc and Karlie that she’ll handle Kirk; Joc has no idea what that has to do with him; Rod tells him he is hearing rumors.

Jasmine asks Joc if he is telling people they f–ked; Joc hilariously dances around this, saying he was drunk and the girl’s name was Jasmine.

Can’t know for sure, you know?

When the sit-down turns to Karlie being told to delete the pictures of Jasmine’s son, she refuses and Jasmine lunges over the table at her.

Good times. While this was going on, Tresure invited Tommie to the spa, but that also turned into a fight faster than you can spell Tresure.

As the episode draws to a close, we see Joseline starting to put her music video together. Whether anyone cares to be involved is another story.