Kailyn Lowry Finally Responds: Did Peter Gunz Knock Her Up?!?

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Kailyn Lowry has finally addressed the topic of her third baby daddy straight on.

For several weeks now, the controversial Teen Mom star has only issued vague and mysterious statements on the identity of the man who knocked her up late last year.

She's written that he's "toxic" and has abandoned her and has maybe dropped his initials on a couple of occasions...

Kailyn Lowry Book Signing

... but Lowry has remained very coy when it comes to providing any specific details.

She's scarcely even touched on the rumored contenders out there, despite Internet users reading into her every social media message and narrowing down the field of potential father as best they can.

Until now, that is.

Kailyn has at last come out and crossed one name of the list.

Sorry, folks, but it doesn't appear as if Peter Gunz is the man behind the sperm responsible for Lowry's latest pregnancy.

On Thursday, hilarious speculation over the status of Gunz and Lowry's relationship spread like scorching hot wildfire after the Love & Hip Hop: New York star left a comment on Kailyn's Instagram page.

It was in response to the photo below and it simply read "Calling U."

Kailyn Lowry "Bump Day" Photo

We had no idea Gunz even knew Lowry, so we were rightfully taken aback by this message.

We were among the many websites who pondered the transcendent possibility that Gunz was actually Kailyn's baby daddy because... heck, why not?!? Stranger developments have taken place.

Gunz does have 10 kids.

He and Lowry do star on VH1 and MTV reality shows, respectively.

Why couldn't their naked paths have crossed after one too many drinks following some sort of cable network-sponsored wrap party?

Alas, Kailyn is now here to say otherwise.

First, she Tweeted the following after chatter over Gunz reached an apex yesterday:

gunz tweet

Next, she followed up by speaking to The Dirty about the absurd possibility of sex with Gunz, acknowledging that she and Peter are friends (which is still pretty funny) ... but nothing more.

“I understand having three different men father my children isn’t necessarily a good look,” Lowry admitted to the site. “But it also doesn’t mean i sleep with every man I’m around.”

Hey. We didn't say every man, Kailyn.

We're not throwing around every derogatory terms here. We're just asking the pertinent questions until you give us some answers.

"Peter is like family, nothing more, nothing intimate," Lowry emphasized in this new interview.

What about Chris Lopez, who most people assume if the father?

Or Tyler Hill? Or JC Cueva?

These are the three names that have most commonly been discussed among Teen Mom followers in regard to who got her pregnant.

But Lowry now says we're all way off. We're still not on the right track, apparently.

Simply put, "I haven’t slept with these people," Lowry told The Dirty about the men listed in our gallery above.

Hmmm... interesting.

At some point, likely this summer, Kailyn will give birth. We'll then find out whether she has a new son or daughter. 

Will we also find out at this time the baby daddy's identity? Will be there for the birth? Will he pose with her and the newborn for some social media photos?

Or will we need to wait until a new season of Teen Mom in order to finally receive a resolution to this ongoing mystery?

Kailyn Lowry Waist Trains

Only time will tell, folks.

Only time.


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